Twittiocy: Media Lefties React to #Dallas on Twitter

July 8th, 2016 2:58 PM

Most celebrities and media personalities condemned the Dallas police shooting for the heinous act of violence that it was. However, not everyone’s initial reaction was to offer up prayers and condolences for those involved.

Like Huffington Post writer Jesse Benn, who believes cops should have seen this coming. One tweet read "Two cops shot in #Dallas. This shouldn't be a surprise. Eventually people are going to push back."

He also tweeted that this had nothing to do with the Black Lives Matter movement.

Predictably, guns were the main talking point for many.

Shonda Rimes, creator of the TV show Scandal, wants to know:

Amanda Marcotte, the rabid political writer for, has forgotten that no one is forcing her to live in a country with a Bill of Rights.

And despite this tweet, she seemed to have no trouble finding “words:”

Erin Gloria Ryan, current deputy editor of Vocativ and former writer for feminist mag Jezebel, thought she was clever when she tweeted out this smack at the NRA:

CNN political commentator Sally Kohn thinks that “calling abortion clinics ‘baby killers’ is rhetoric that incites violence,” but the Black Lives Matter movement only encourages peace. Never mind that the Dallas shooter said that he wanted to kill white cops, or that abortion clinics really do kill babies daily.

Hip-hop artist “Fetty Wap” originally tweeted out “My kids are mixed…#AllLivesMatter.” But he was forced to delete it after receiving major backlash from his followers. However, this post that he wrote shortly after news about Dallas broke remains on his Twitter feed:

Both Beyonce and Kim Kardashian penned lengthy, open letters condemning the shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, and published them on Twitter the morning after the Dallas shootings. However, both celebs have remained curiously silent in regards to the murders of the Texas cops. 

And Bill Maher advised pols how to get mad street cred like this: 

Because not all murders are equal.