To Left, HBO’s ‘Harrowing’ Nazi Alt-History Series Illustrates ‘Fragility of Democracy’

April 21st, 2020 4:47 PM

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

To say we’re going through a difficult time right now is an understatement. But that’s nothing compared to the disaster liberals believe we’re facing from a Donald Trump presidency. In fact, it’s such a disaster that they have to construct an entire miniseries to warn us about it. Just listen to the people behind HBO’s The Plot Against America.

Ultimately, April 20’s “Part 6” episode follows the plot of Phillip Roth’s book of the same name. Namely, the series ends with controversial and xenophobic President Charles Lindbergh (Ben Cole) being kidnapped and killed by Nazi enforcers looking to blackmail him into enacting Nazi policies. However, the show does take one significantly different direction upon ending.

In the book, Lindbergh’s disappearance and death leads to another special election during which Franklin Roosevelt is formally re-elected. Meanwhile, the show ends on a more ambiguous note as to who the next president will be, especially as minorities are blocked from booths and ballot boxes are secretly burned.

This new ending is clearly more foreboding, and, from the attitude of the people in the show, that’s likely on purpose. In an interview with Medium, executive producer Nina K. Noble commented, “It was important to us and to HBO to air this show in early 2020 during the run up to the presidential election, as it illustrates so well the fragility of democracy and the consequences of not protecting it.”

Series creator David Simon went one step further in an interview with Deadline stating, "[T]he question stands as to where the country is going from here, and I think to not acknowledge that we’re doing this in 2020 with an election upon us, probably the most important election of my life, would be irresponsible." Clearly, the main priority here was the 2020 election above everything else, even book accuracy.

Of course, that thought process existed long before the show’s finale. Prior to the final episode, series actress Zoe Kazan made comparisons between the show and Trump’s handling of the Covid-19 virus. She claimed, "I think we're seeing it now, even more than when we shot the [show], like the ways that Asian Americans are being treated right now ... and our president getting on stage and saying, 'Chinese virus.’ Things like that feel like something that could have come straight out of this book." Considering plenty of other media sites used the term “Chinese virus” besides our president, I doubt we’re on the path to a Nazi America.

Unfortunately, that sentiment wasn’t lost on viewers, either, who were eager to compare Lindbergh’s Nazi sympathies to Trump. Following Trump’s announcement of temporarily suspending immigration to the United States, the comparisons only grew worse. Below a Deadline Senior Editor and Chicago Tribune editorial board member react:



We are not Nazi Germany, much as leftists would have us believe. And one day we’ll overcome this pandemic issue, despite liberals cheering for an economic crash. Shows like The Plot Against America would have us believe that America has fallen, but history has shown us we’ve only begun to fight.