'Once Upon A Time': Oh, Darlings, You've finally Arrived!

November 11th, 2013 2:45 PM

We were wondering when the iconic Darlings would finally appear!

“Dark Hollow” revealed that Wendy has been Peter Pan’s prisoner for a century, and her brothers, John and Michael, were forced into being Pan’s evil hipster minions. The duo cruise into Storybrooke fresh out of a Ginsberg reading at Busboys and Poets. I’m now patiently waiting for the episode which features the Once Upon a Time version of Harvard Sailing Team’s “Hipster Thanksgiving.”

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This picture is definitely a meme waiting to happen. Men who dress like this are usually into gun control.

Emma, Hook and Neal head off to the ominous Dark Hollow in an attempt to trap Pan’s shadow, where their love triangle escalates. “I will win,” Hook tells Emma, “And when you choose me it will be because I won your heart.” Emma, just choose Hook! We want to, and we know you want to! Once has done a great job of humanizing Hook this season and adding more depth and appeal to his character.

It almost looks like Emma will be forced to choose between the two men when they are attacked by evil shadows, but in the end Emma whips up some magic of her own and they trap Pan's shadow inside a magical … coconut. A magical coconut with holes in the top. I personally find it strange that a malevolant shadow that rips people's souls out is so easily trapped, but this is 'Once Upon A Time.'

The episode ended in typical “Happily ever after” fashion. Ariel and Belle convince the hipster Darlings to ally with them in order to defeat Pan and rescue Wendy. Rumple and Regina receive Pandora’s Box which apparently contains the “World’s Darkest Evil,” and poor, gullible Henry continues to be led astray by Pan’s tricks.

By now, we would have hoped that our favorite youngster could use context clues. When a villainous character says, “Make sure Henry doesn’t follow you!” in a super obvious tone it’s clearly a trap, Henry!

What will happen next week? And more importantly, what designer will the Darling brothers be wearing?