10 Stupidest Celebrity Responses to the GOP Debate

September 17th, 2015 12:49 PM

Hollywood proved last night on Twitter that it's not famous for its brains. Here are ten of the stupidest responses from actors and comedians on what they thought about CNN's GOP Debate. 

The initial response ranged from confusion to mockery:

Actors Patton Oswalt, Tom Hanks and Emma Watson apparently didn't know what was happening on their television screen. 

Comedian and writer for The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Mike Drucker, made this joke in poor taste:

Actress Martha Plimpton (Raising HopeGoonies) also made a crass joke:

Voice actor Josh Gad (Frozen) wrote:

Hot Button Issues: Immigration and Abortion

Comedian Kathy Griffin bashed the GOP as racist and "scary":

Oh, and defunding Planned Parenthood will bring America back into the Dark Ages apparently:

Again, comedian Mike Drucker made an unfunny "joke:"

Comedian and actor Arsenio Hall managed to make a joke about abortion and Governor Mike Huckabee in one fell swoop:

But what was more insane was the GOP's response to the issue of global warming:

Some celebs managed to weigh-in on a debate they weren't even watching!

On the other hand, some celebs were charitable: