UPDATE: Tide Responds to Commercial Mocking ‘Sanctity of Marriage’

September 15th, 2015 10:45 AM

UPDATE: Tide reached out to us and informed us that this commercial was a fan-made submission. They gave this response to MRC Culture:

P&G Statement: Many people like to share creative ways on how Tide fits into their lives.  This is one example of that, but we didn’t create this ad.  We do appreciate all of our Tide fans – and how Tide-to-Go can save a wedding day. 

Sincerely-held religious beliefs are now the butt of a joke for one major brand.

Tide laundry detergent recently released a commercial poking fun at Christians who still hold to that “old-fashioned” belief that marriage should be between one man and one woman. You know, those “silly” families who have lost their businesses, fought long legal battles or resigned from their jobs for refusing to endorse a same-sex wedding.

The commercial starts off showing two men in tuxedos, holding hands and walking up to a church.They are greeted by a Kim Davis-esque churchgoer who stops talking to a minister to turn and give the men a glare.

“How offensive,” she says to them, with her hand up. “I won’t let you blemish the sanctity of marriage!”

But there’s a twist -- she’s not actually offended by the marrying couple at all.

This isn’t the first gay couple commercial Tide has made. Tide aired another commercial featuring a gay couple bickering over laundry last year in Canada.

With the media’s push to normalize same-sex marriage in the past few years, advertisers have begun making more commercials portraying same-sex couples and families.

Well at least it’s not showing lesbians naked in bed together like this Chobani yogurt commercial.

Tide to Go - Wedding

First a clerk in Kentucky, and now a church lady in Los Angeles! This same sex couple faces yet another obstacle on the way to marriage equality in this commercial I directed. Special kudos for terrific performances by Matt Marr, Karl Ramsey, and Lynne Marie Stewart.

Posted by Mark Nickelsburg, Director on Tuesday, September 8, 2015