Daily Show Creator Shocked by What Goes On Outside Abortion Clinics

July 17th, 2015 2:30 PM

Daily Show co-creator, writer and comedian Lizz Winstead is shocked, simply shocked by what goes on at abortion clinics. More specifically, what she saw outside one. She tweeted, “This is real. This is happening every clinic in America,” in response to a picture put out by LPJ League.

But Winstead isn’t shocked by the headline news story, where a Planned Parenthood official appeared to admit on camera the selling off of dead baby parts. No, Winstead is shocked that a man and his 6-year-old daughter were passing out flyers outside a Planned Parenthood clinic, warning about the procedures that go on inside. 

The tweeted picture was from an account called LPJ League or “The Lady Parts Justice League” which describes itself as a “fun” “501c3 that brings activists and comedians together in the fight for reproductive justice.”

Twitter users bashed Winstead for the absurd tweet.

Winstead defended her tweet with a non sequitur.

Winstead is no stranger to saying stupid and offensive things.

In 2014 documentary, she claimed that pro-lifers “hated sex” and told them to “go fuck themselves” if they oppose Planned Parenthood. She also co-hosted a telethon fundraiser for abortion with equally vile comedian Sarah Silverman.

Sounds like another valuable member of the “tolerant” left.