Pure, Selfless Love Saves Baby from Abortion on New CBS Drama ‘Pure Genius’

October 28th, 2016 1:06 AM

CBS’s new medical drama, Pure Genius, opened its series on Thursday with a pro-life message that was quite powerful.

Bunker Hill is opened as the most innovative hospital in the world, headed up by billionaire James Bell (Augustus Prew). Mr. Bell aims to partner futuristic technology with medicine to create an experience no other facility can provide.

Dr. Walter Wallace (Dermot Mulroney) is invited to visit Bunker Hill by Mr. Bell in hopes of getting him to join their staff. Dr. Wallace isn’t too sure of the hospital’s methods as they seem much different from what he’s used to.

Many patients are brought in and treated for various procedures. One such patient is Margot Beyer and her husband, Paul. Margot has a tumor that needs to be removed, but refuses radiation or chemotherapy because she is pregnant. The Beyers argue they will not consider abortion as an alternative, as Dr. Zoe Brockett (Odette Annable) suggests.

An ultrasound is taken, and both Dr. Brockett and Mr. Bell attempt to persuade the Beyers that an abortion may be their best option.

Margot: They told us it was too late. 

Paul: Well, what about the baby? 

Mr. Bell: Show them. 

Dr. Brockett: Can you lift your shirt up, please? At 20 weeks, the fetus is less than a pound. Its lungs and heart aren't able to sustain itself outside of the womb, and most likely won't be able to for two weeks. 

Paul: Well, we made it very clear when we sent in our application for a transfer, abortion's not an option. 

Mr. Bell: I understand, but if we wait until the fetus is viable, it will be too late. 

Margot: For our baby?

Mr. Bell: For both of you. 

Paul: Mr. Bell, they told us that Margot couldn't get pregnant. This child's a miracle. 


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Mr. Bell promises that he will save both Margot and the baby, much to Dr. Brockett’s surprise. He then gathers the doctors and they work to give Margot two weeks so her baby will be able to survive outside the womb while she has surgery.

As the episode progresses, Dr. Wallace notices Margot is having what he thinks to be signs of mental illness. Upon further investigation, it comes to light that she is a victim of domestic abuse from her husband. Paul is taken away by the police, leaving Margot alone in the hands of the Bunker Hill staff.

Dr. Wallace approaches Margot and explains her having the surgery is essential. She begs to delay as long as possible so her baby can be safe.

Margot: Am I gonna die? 

Dr. Wallace: Margot, you need to listen to me. Okay? The reason you're having trouble breathing is your tumor is now choking your heart. We need to operate... Now. 

Margot: What-what about my baby? 

Dr. Wallace: Your baby can't survive on her own yet. Margot, this is your decision. I'll do whatever you want. But we've run out of time. 

Margot: Doctor, someday I hope that I can forget everything about my husband, everything he ever did to me. But this is still my child. Right now I feel like she's my reason. She's my reason for being alive. S-so, I'm asking you... ...How long can I wait before we have to do this surgery? 

Dr. Wallace: I have a team set and ready to go first thing in the morning. 

Margot: What if we waited 24 hours? Can my girl survive? 

Dr. Wallace: Possibly. 

Margot: Then I want to wait. Please. 

Dr. Wallace: Okay.

Dr. Wallace performs the surgery and the baby is saved. He then announces that baby Angela is the second youngest birth on record at 146 days.

The self-sacrificing love Margot showed for her unborn daughter throughout her time at Bunker Hill (and prior) shows just how powerful pro-lifers really are. It would have been easier and safer for Margot if she had followed the doctor’s orders and had an abortion, but she stood her ground and saved her baby’s life.

What a powerful way for Pure Genius to start its series. This was the second pro-life CBS show of the night. Good job, CBS, for offering life-affirming programming to millions of pro-life Americans.