BET Awards Host Imitates ‘Karens’ in Racist Skit

June 29th, 2020 1:30 PM

Just when you thought the BET awards could not get any more woke, the host performs a skit on video chat, pretending to be a white woman afraid of black people. But then again, what is the best way for BET to make their fan base feel victimized, while simultaneously promoting the marxist Black Lives Matter movement? 

On Sunday, the 2020 BET Awards host, Amanda Seales, kicked off the ceremony lamenting the fact that she can’t sleep now because Breonna Taylor’s killers have not been arrested. The political activism has to be so tiring for viewers who actually want to appreciate black entertainment without being subjected to political nagging. 

But of course, the activism did not stop there: one of the highlights of the BET Awards was Seales herself, performing a skit which made fun of white women and “white fragility.” In a video conference titled, ‘Karen [a trendy pejorative for white woman] Support Group,’ Seales dressed up as a white woman and conversed with three other white women about seeing a black woman in an airport. When she took her wig off and showed herself to be black, the women on the call gasped, as she called them ‘Karens!’ 

“Aha! You’re all Karens,” she said, “and you need to stop torturing black folks with your fragility!” Two women screeched, “You’re not one of us!” and “She’s a black!” When was the last time you heard a white person say, “She’s a black?” 


And when asked if she would honor BLM as host of the 2020 BET Awards, Seales insisted, “We would be a ridiculous black show if we did not honor the black lives matter movement, and if we didn’t honor it several times throughout! ... If I’m hosting it, you know, it’s going to be black everything. It’s going to be a troll-free,... Karen-free show.” A Karen-free show? Imagine the outrage if there were a ‘White Entertainment Awards’ and the host said it would be a ‘Shaniqua- free show’ and dedicated a skit to making fun of black women. That would be considered racist.

But making fun of “Karen” is all the rage in intersectional fantasy land, and as long as one is attacking a male or a white person, it is neither considered sexist nor racist.