Super Bowl MVP and Sports Commentators Agree: Rebuild Culture Like a Locker Room

June 2nd, 2020 8:11 PM

Over the past week, George Floyd’s violent and tragic death has been well documented. Additionally, the tragic turmoil at the hands of violent rioters has also been at the forefront of the news.

Hawk & McAfee Sports Talk

However, what has taken a backseat to all of it is the answer to one simple question: What area can we all look towards for the ideal answer to the problems?

It seems that many high-level athletes believe that at least, in part, one of the best places to look would be inside a locker room. Here, there are countless races, socio-economic backgrounds, and societal cultures represented; all coming together in unity to achieve one common purpose.

Doesn’t that sound like the ultimate goal?

Super Bowl winning quarterback Patrick Mahomes seemed to think so and communicated these thoughts in a Note shared via tweet on Monday:

Mahomes Notes

Similarly, radio host and sports personalities, Pat McAfee and AJ Hawk (pictured above), discussed some of their shared experiences in locker rooms over their careers on Friday’s McAfee & Hawk Sports Talk. The conclusion that they both came to: Somehow, society needs to find ways to create more discussions and find the goals that bring everyone together.

Hawk brought up a valid point in this discussion. How do you actually achieve that kind of atmosphere throughout the country at-large?

In this situation in particular, a starting point would be taking to heart three basic principles:

1. Believe that racism is disgusting and the senseless death of George Floyd (among many others) was horrible.

2. Believe that rioting, inflicting beatings, and the destruction of property is also horrible.

3. Understand that nearly every reasonable person agrees with the first two.

If we can finally do that, maybe, just maybe, America can begin to heal and rebuild even stronger.