'One Brave Woman:' Free Speech Advocates Show Support For Sage Steele

August 28th, 2023 10:54 AM


Former ESPN reporter Sage Steele finally won her 2022 free-speech lawsuit against the sports mega company, which alleged that ESPN suspended her unjustly for making comments about the company’s vaccine mandate in 2021, and for saying that former President Barack Obama was biracial.

Naturally, plenty of individuals were quick to degrade Steele after news of the verdict reached their ears, but others have since voiced their support for her and the example she has set in the fight for free speech.

Former NBA-star Enes Kanter Freedom joined “Fox and Friends” on Sunday, and offered high praise for Steele’s display of courage against the entertainment giant.

Riley Gaines has also placed her vote of confidence in Steele, saying she views the sports anchor as a mentor.

“There are so very few people, whether that’s in sports, in academia, in corporate America, in the medical profession, even in the church, there are so very few people willing to stand for what is right, but Sage is one of those,” Gaines said. “She’s someone who I go to for advice. She’s someone who inspires me to keep going. We need more people like Sage.”

They say the courage of one man strengthens the spines of many others. Hopefully Steele’s example to the rest of America will serve as an inspiration to those who are fighting their own battles in the war for free speech.