WNBA All In For Trans Athletes ... But Not in Their League!

April 11th, 2023 12:59 PM

Nick Young with Ernie Johnson Such rich, rich hypocrisy is on display with the WNBA. This is as woke a league as it gets, one with a strong lesbian culture that supports all things LGBTQABCD. So we are led to believe. 

But when push comes to shove, it does not actually approve of men playing on its teams. How do we know that? Because when former NBA player Nick Young suggested the league’s Los Angeles Sparks draft him, the WNBA wanted no part of a man totally dominating their game.  

Sue Bird is one of the league’s big stars, and along with her female partner, soccer player Megan Rapinoe, she just co-signed a letter opposing the “Protection of Girls and Women in Sports Act.” It’s a GOP-sponsored bill in Congress that would prevent transgender and intersex girls and women from competing in sports across the country.  

The WNBA sure talks a big trans game, but it told Young it prefers to draft his daughter. 

Now 37, the ex-Lakers player Young issued a Tweet asking, “Can I be the first Juwanna Mann for the WNBA … I’m tryna hoop!” He was referencing a 2002 movie that featured a suspended male basketball player who impersonated a female in hopes of playing in the women’s league. 

Young also tweeted a message suggesting, “The @LASparks y’all can draft me with the 10th pick tomorrow I’m ready.” 

The Sparks and the WNBA are practically card-carrying members of the alphabet mob. One would think they’d gladly welcome a man onto their courts. But what’s good for the goose is not so good for the gander! 

The Sparks’ Tweet read: “We’ll pass, Nick. Let us know when your daughter is ready to play.” 

Nick Young and LA Sparks tweets

Young wasn't serious, but neither is the WNBA's woke posturing. Between the lines, that message says the WNBA is unwilling to allow a 6-foot-7-inch, 210-pound man to completely rip up its competitive balance. Not to mention the integrity of women’s sports.  

Later, the Sparks tried to spin it as a positive when they tweeted: "You know women’s basketball is (on fire) when former NBA players are trying to join the team. Have you all got your tickets to our home opener?" His plea for inclusion was flatly rejected, but now it works for marketing schemes. 

The pro-trans crowd is fine with male inclusion when it’s a male like William “Lia” Thomas, who ranked 462nd in men’s swimming before joining the Penn U. women’s team. When faced with a successful, former professional male athlete who helped his team win an NBA championship, it’s sorry, we really meant we’re for trans males in other sports. 

These frauds know that with Nick Young on their courts, Brittney Griner and others would get their shots swatted back in their faces. Young could camp out on the low block and dunk at will. Sixty-, 70-point nights would be routine for Young. He forced the Sparks to admit how unfair this is. 

No, thanks, the wokies of the WNBA are saying. They talk a big DEI game, but they play an awful one. Nick Young just proved that.