Jenner Forms PAC To Fight Trans Movement In Schools & Sports

April 6th, 2023 12:22 PM

Caitlyn Jenner Can you imagine if Bruce Jenner had gone the transgender route before he won the Olympic decathlon in 1976? He would have thoroughly demolished all female competition, it would have made a mockery of women’s competition … and I think he knows it. Now known as Caitlyn, Jenner has launched the Fairness First PAC to fight against males wreaking havoc in female athletics. 

The man who fathered six children with three wives vaulted out of the closet as a “transgender woman” in 2015. But, like Martina Navratilova, he’s a famous ex-athlete who wants to prevent males from destroying the integrity of female sports. Jenner announced his new political action committee Tuesday, and tweeted his belief that equality should take precedence over inclusion: 

Jenner tweet

Jenner also responded to a tweet on the subject of transgenderism by Donald Trump Jr., who urged the teaching of education that matters instead of woke gender nonsense. 

“Amen to this @DonaldJTrumpJr this is exactly why I just launched my Fairness First PAC to raise $ to back candidates and influence elections on these critical issues! (let me know if you like it)! It’s time for me to take my fight to the next level!"

Donald TrumpJr 

“If we spent a tiny fraction of the time pushing math on our children that we spend pushing the latest trans insanity on our children, maybe we wouldn’t be failing nation.” 

Jenner’s PAC calls for more stringent NCAA rules on transgender athletes’ participation in sports. William “Lia” Thomas proved that point last year when he unfairly dominated women’s collegiate swimming, as a member of the Penn U. women’s team. 

In a previous statement, Jenner cited Thomas as an example that biological males have physical advantages over women that “never really goes away.” 

Jenner says he is part of a non-partisan movement aiming to empower parental rights to resist the “radical gender ideology” infiltrating schools and children’s sports. "We value protecting young children, and the parental rights associated with having your young child go through the indoctrinating instruction in school and unfair advantages of biological boys competing against girls in sports," he added. 

Fairness First asks parents to join in the battle to protect children by rejecting radical gender ideology in schools and in youth sports, “from the top of the ballot to the bottom.” It will engage in fundraising on behalf of political candidates opposed to the indoctrination of children and the permissive wave of allowing males to compete against females. 

People on the Left are incensed with Jenner’s PAC, and they charged him with betraying transgenders to adopt a “harmful and disgusting” ideology. Another lefty said parents are not qualified to determine what happens in their children’s class rooms, she is a sell-out and has joined hands with people who don’t believe she should exist. Jenner has also received death threats from transgenders.  

Yada, yada, yada. The former Olympic champion has heard all the vitriol before and continues to stand courageously against the radical alphabet mob. He won’t back down in his fight for present and future generations at risk from the insidious trans movement.