‘Big Climate’ Nut Presses Mets To Dump Citibank Stadium Name

March 31st, 2023 12:19 PM

Jumaane WilliamsAs if the Mets don't have enough actual problems.

A New York climate nut triggered by Citibank’s financing of fossil fuels is demanding the New York Mets change the name of their stadium, Citi Field. Public advocate Jumaane Williams is freaking out over alleged “climate change” and demanding the Mets re-name their stadium. 

Williams (in photo), who ran unsuccessfully last year for governor, is planning a rally at Citi Hall to ratchet up the pressure on Mets’ owner Steve Cohen to cancel his investments in Big Oil. It’s unknown if Williams and the protesters will arrive for the protest in gas-guzzling SUVs or not. 

WABC TV, of New York, reported Williams wants the National League baseball team to end its business with Citi Bank and “void the bank’s naming rights to the stadium over his inordinate fears of climate change.” 

Earlier this week, Williams tweeted: “Citi doesn’t represent the values of Mets fans or NYC. If they refuse to end their toxic relationship with fossil fuels, the Mets should end their partnership with Citi. 

“We can aim to both win the World Series and protect the world’s climate at the same time.” 

Williams claimed he bleeds blue and orange (the Mets’ colors). They represent “an incredible spirit, history and institution and are of tremendous value to New Yorkers.” So they can’t continue with this spirit and value to the city by helping industries that keep the planes, trains and automobiles running? Uh-uh. 

Citibank’s business association with eeeevillll fossil fuel companies “do not represent the values of the Mets or our city, and we must make better demands. If Citi refuses to end their toxic relationship with the fossil fuel industry, the Mets should end their partnership with Citi,” Williams insisted. 

Breitbart writer Warner Todd Huston made an excellent point when he wrote that New York has much more serious problems than the oil industry. Williams would do better to focus on the Big Apple’s soaring crime

Rape is up almost 11 percent. Robberies have increased by 32.4 percent, burglaries up 29 percent and grand larceny is up 38.5 percent. 

The Mets themselves can't seem to keep pitchers healthy -- but lefties will probably think of some way to blame that on climate change.

Nevertheless, Citibank might be going squishy on this manufactured “crisis.” A spokesman stated the bank recognizes the importance of transitioning to a low-carbon economy.  

Williams has not offered a solution or a new name for the Mets’ stadium. If there is going to be a stadium name change … “Grand Larceny Stadium” does have a ring to it.