Woke WNBA Player Rips Texas Lawmakers For Protecting Women’s Sports

March 27th, 2023 1:02 PM

Brianna Turner Everyone knows the story of a very tall, woke Women’s NBA player and social justice warrior who played basketball in Russia. Brittney Griner, right? No, this is a story about the other annoying person fitting that description: Brianna Turner, who penned a Houston Chronicle op-ed dismissing the problem of  transgender men in women’s sports.
The Chronicle parroted Turner’s lame piece, tweeting: "Brianna Turner of the Phoenix Mercury says trans players aren't a problem in women's sports. Inequality is.”
Here’s the crux of Turner’s Chronicle argument:

“As a black woman and athlete, I have faced many challenges to equality in sports. But the participation of transgender women and girls in women’s sports is not one of those challenges. I cannot understand why lawmakers in my home state of Texas have been targeting trans athletes in grade school, and now at the college level, who just want to play the sport they love with their friends.”

Turner has been on this pro-transgender athletes kick for the past couple years. In March 2021, she tweeted:

“Blows my mind how some of y’all were SO concerned about women’s sports when trans women participating was trending, yet now we speak of the disparity bw the ncaa bb tournaments and the response was ‘well what about the revenue’ it was never about caring for women’s sports.”

She plays a game for a living and she's resentful. Fun gal.

Additionally, she makes the indefensible statement some trans athletes will never get the chance to play the sport they love.
Oh, really? Were William Thomas and the women on Penn University’s women’s swimming team close buds before he reinvented himself as “Lia” to dominate their sport last year? They protested his presence on their team. Was he just participating in the sport he loves with his gal pals, or was he a gender grifter stealing honors meant to go to women?
Was Thomas denied an opportunity to compete in swimming before the woke Penn University powers that be waved him into the women’s locker room? Not at all. He competed for the men’s team for three seasons prior to showing how ridiculous a tall man looks in a woman’s bathing suit.
Is Turner really a victim of inequality? She received a full scholarship to play college basketball at Notre Dame. Now 26, she earns six figures in the WNBA and better money than that in Russia, while the average American woman in her age range earns $50,000 a year.
Turner is a member of the pro-LGBTQABCD Athlete Ally group, whose mission “is to end the rampant homophobia and transphobia in sport and to activate the athletic community to exercise their leadership to champion LGBTQI+ equality.”
In the recent past, Turner has strengthened her wokeness credentials. She declared there is a “pandemic of police brutality,” though her parents are both cops. She also worships at the altar of “saint” George Floyd, the man killed by a police officer in Minneapolis. In 2020, Turner tweeted, “If you have more of a problem with the rioters than the way #GeorgeFloyd was murdered you are a part of the problem.” Those would be the “mostly peaceful” rioters who burned, looted and pillaged sections of Minneapolis.
And we all thought Griner was the loudest SJW on the Phoenix Mercury team. It’s now all too evident there is another pain in the ear wokie on that WNBA team who can’t be unheard.