Trans Boy Taunts Girls After Stealing Their State Track Championship

March 15th, 2023 12:03 PM

Rainbow flags There’s only one thing more appalling than a male robbing females of opportunities in the field of sports. It’s when the transgender dude out-muscles the girls, then lords it over them and tells them to deal with the injustice. That’s just what happened in Massachusetts when Chloe Barnes, a male ringer, helped the Brookline girls win the high school state championship in the 4x200-meter relay this season. 

After doing the girls dirt, the haughty Barnes rubbed it in. “Deal with it. Just deal with it,” the insensitive punk told them. 

Brookline’s Coach Lee Eddy was just as bad in defending Barnes’ decision to abandon the school’s boys' team for the girl's squad, per a report by Breitbart Sports. Without any shame for destroying the girls’ competition, he said: 

Although there are laws that govern what we’re supposed to do and everything else, I don’t think Brookline would ever run afoul, even without the laws. I’m sure they would fully support any individual.

During that relay race, Barnes taunted his opponents just as the roadrunner taunted Wily Coyote. Initially, he pulled far out in front of the competition. He slowed down twice to determine the length of his commanding lead. Even then, the opposing girls’ teams couldn’t gain a yard on the cheater.  

Cheater?, you ask. Wasn’t he playing by the state’s rules? True, but an unjust law is still unjust, and so is an unjust rule. Girls’ competition should be for girls, not for gender-bending fakes like Barnes, who robbed them of this state championship. 

Last year, as a sophomore, Barnes practiced with the Brookline girls’ track team, but did not compete in their meets. He was “fearful of the public’s response.” He isn’t afraid anymore. At that time, Barnes said, “I’m in an arrangement with my coaches where I practice with the girls’ team but compete on the boys’ team. It was more a result of me just being afraid of other people watching [me] race.” 

(He sounds like a real team player.)

It was in 2014 when public schools of Brookline swallowed the hokum about athletes competing on the teams of their gender identity, rather than their gender reality. The so-called adults running the school district created this idiotic policy stating: 

Students who are transgender may participate by the gender identity they consistently assert at school. Interscholastic athletic activities are addressed through the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association Gender Identity Policy (MIAA) clarification. 

That totally unfair policy is the result of the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s policy, “Guidance for Massachusetts Public Schools Creating a Safe and Supportive School Environment – Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Gender Identity.” Obviously the brainchild of some woke nitwits who thought it would be wonderful to hand LGBTABCD fascists a victory by blurring the lines between males and females. To the detriment of the females. 

This state policy opened the way for gender identity to undo the competitive balance of girls’ varsity and intramural sports in the woke commonwealth of Massachusetts.  

The politics of bluer-than-blue Massachusetts aren’t likely to undo the stupid policy any time soon. A court challenge could potentially return some commonsense, and so could the longshot bill, introduced by Cong. Greg Steube (Rep-Fla.) now before the U.S. House of Representatives. 

Whatever it takes legally, justice is not being served in Massachusetts, and it needs to be stopped.