'Nonsensical': FNC Panel on Biden Snubbing Champion Georgia Bulldogs

February 22nd, 2023 12:34 PM

Coach Kirby Smart, right, receives national championship trophy For the second year in a row, the national football champion Georgia Bulldogs got stiffed by President Joe Biden. A Fox News panel and guest Clay Travis could not figure out why, and it seems they overlooked the political firestorm following Georgia’s new election integrity laws. Biden previously called those laws “Jim Crow on steroids,” and Major League Baseball removed the 2021 all-star game from Atlanta for that very reason. 

Clay Travis ripped into the president for overlooking Georgia because it’s a swing state. The Fox News panelists thought the shunning of the 2021 and 2022 Bulldog champs might have had something to do with football Georgia Heisman Trophy winner Herschel Walker having run for the U.S. Senate last year. Or that no one in the White House is a sports fan. 

“It’s totally nonsensical,” Travis said. He predicted that, with Fox News publicity on social media, the White House will extend an invitation to the Bulldogs. “This is going to be a state that Joe Biden thinks he needs to win in 2024 … They have got to get the Georgia Bulldogs into the White House. This is crazy … It boggles my mind.” 

The only thing that does make sense is that Biden, Major League Baseball and the far left last year accused Georgia’s Republican-led legislature tightening election laws. That prompted hysterical cries of voter suppression by the unhinged left, and MLB moved the all-star game from Atlanta to Denver over those laws. The 2022 voter turnout in Georgia proved the left completely wrong. 

A Fox News story said Georgia’s COVID-19 protocols were cited as the reason for the snub in 2021. 

U.S. Rep. Earl LeRoy Carter as well as Sens. Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock, all representing Georgia, signed a request for the reigning champions to be hosted at the White House. In the letter they highlighted the Bulldogs' impressive 2022 season. 

"The Georgia Bulldogs, led by Head Coach Kirby Smart [shown receiving the championship trophy in January], completed a historic season in which they accomplished a 15-0 record and won their second National Championship in the same number of years. The 2022-2023 team allowed an average of 14.2 points per game while scoring an incredible 41 points per game." 

Some Georgia players took notice of the lack of an invitation, notably defensive lineman Warren Brinson. "No invite to the White House is crazy @POTUS," Brinson Tweeted Monday. 

Georgia defeated arch-rival Alabama in the 2021 championship game and rocked Texas Christian 65-7 just last month.