Don’t Annihilate Us: Female Swimmer Calls for End to Trans Madness

February 1st, 2023 11:44 AM

Riley Gaines Today is National Girls and Women in Sports Day, and University of Kentucky All-American swimmer Riley Gaines is campaigning against the annihilation of female athletics. In a Fox News op-ed, she renewed calls to protect the integrity of women’s sports. Gaines and other female collegiate swimmers last year raced against a stacked deck created by trans male fraud William “Lia” Thomas. 

“This year on National Girls and Women in Sports day we should be celebrating the enormous potential of women,” Gaines wrote on “Instead, I feel betrayed and belittled.” 

Gaines also said, “Unfortunately, the women’s sporting category is today being eroded by discriminatory policies that allow males who identify as women to compete on women’s teams and in women’s events.  

“Males are hurdling themselves forward in national rankings, stealing scholarships, titles and opportunities from women who have worked their whole lives for those accomplishments.” 

Gaines complained that the voices of female athletes have been drowned out as they oppose the injustice of biological male athletes competing in their respective sports. Their legitimate complaints frequently are met with accusations of “bigot,” “transphobic” or “hater.” 

Instead of males confused about their gender (or conning the system to gain ill-gotten glory and fame), it’s the women who complain about the unfairness that get referred to counseling, Gaines wrote. In other words, those questioning transgenders are considered the real problem. Which is disgusting, Gaines continued:

Girls are reluctant to use their voices due to fear of retaliation. They are told they will never get a job or into a graduate program if they speak out. They are told their school has already made their stance for them. 

They are emotionally blackmailed into thinking that they are wrong for being uncomfortable undressing in front of a naked man. In this instance, the concerned female athletes are the ones referred to counseling at the LGBTQ+ education center on campus so they can learn of the oppression these trans-athletes face. Just ask the female swimmers in the Ivy League

Additionally, Gaines said women ought to be treated with respect, instead of being on the receiving end of backlashes. They deserve equal opportunity and fair competition. 

The National Girls and Women in Sports Day is an annual celebration, sponsored by the Women’s Sports Foundation, which theoretically recognizes extraordinary achievement by female athletes. There have been too many times when males have stolen that recognition by invading women’s sports. In fact, the University of Pennsylvania, Thomas’s school, ridiculously nominated him for the NCAA Woman of the Year award. 

“Let’s use this National Girls and Women in Sports day to celebrate the achievements and hard work on the basis of sex, not gender identity,” Gaines urged. 

The woke madness needs to stop...and women’s sports need more people like Gaines with the courage to speak up against the injustices perpetrated on them.