Aussie Basketball Team Rejects Pride Logo, Reaps Barrage Of Abuse

January 26th, 2023 11:27 AM

Pride Round logo A brave pro basketball team in Australia said “no” to the ‘bow Wednesday. As in the LGBT rainbow pride uniform logo they refused to wear in their game. Several team members felt the pride event was an affront to their religious beliefs, and the entire team rebuffed pride night. No American pro sports team has ever displayed such courage against the LGBT mafia. 

Australia’s National Basketball League is currently featuring a “pride round” and giving member teams the option to wear uniforms with an LGBT logo on their jerseys. The option not only didn’t fly with the Cairns Taipans, it got totally rejected, according to ABC Sport. 

Prior to the Taipans’ game against the East Melbourne Phoenix, multiple players took umbrage at being asked to support the LGBT agenda. Citing their religious beliefs, the team opted not to participate. No one wore the logo on their jerseys, and the team released a statement prior to tip-off … 

“This is a negative distraction to what should be a positive experience across the game, and now we feel as though our only choice as a team is to collectively opt out of this season’s uniforms.” 

LGBT pressure groups don’t take rejection lightly. It’s usually their way or the highway, along with severe reprisals. We Yanks saw that in California when the state first rejected same-sex marriage and financial supporters suffered severe reprisals. 

Head Coach Adam Forde explained that the Taipans faced “targeted attacks,” but they stood firm against potential LGBT wrath nevertheless. What did “targeted attacks” look like? 

Try a “barrage of abuse and harmful commentary that has led to individuals being targeted and shamed," the team reported. Yep, that’s the kind of whirlwind people reap when they don’t surrender to alphabet mob demands. Additionally, Forde said: 

This is not a reflection of our individual stances or personal views, but a protection of our brothers that are being set up to be vilified and no longer feel as though they have a safe space in our sport. 

Allan Williams, who plays for the rival Phoenix, praised the Taipans for their courage. It takes "strength" to support your teammates, especially in a difficult situation, he said.  

Simon Mitchell, who coaches the Phoenix, said people ought to just leave the Cairns alone to do as they please. "I know they're going to be up for a little bit of finger pointing, they already have been. I'm sure the reason none of them wore it was, we don't want to expose anybody.” 

The owner of the NBL league, Larry Kestelman, also said he respects a team opting of the promotion. “[The NBL] will continue to create a place where all people feel safe and can be themselves, with no judgement." 

There was, however, a significant backlash to the rare team that said no to the rainbow. 

Former ESPN reporter James McKern huffed on Twitter: "See that tiny ass logo on his chest?! That's what the Taipans refused to wear for the Pride Round. You can't even see it on the broadcast. Absolute joke from the organisation". 

Retired Australian basketball player A.J. Ogilvy strongly objected to the Taipans’ exercising their freedom to disagree with LGBT orthodoxy.:  "To everyone who said 'the NBL doesn't need a pride round' – this is why they do." 

CQUniversity (CQU) is a major sponsor of the Cairns team and covered its rear in order to avoid blame. The university was not aware of the team’s decision and bears no blame, it stated. 

It’s a sad statement that in this Australian league each team’s toughest opposition comes from the LGBT mafia.