Climate Kooks Disrupted Saturday’s Yale-Penn Football Game

October 24th, 2022 12:21 PM

2020 climate change protest at Ivy League football game Earlier this year, climate change nuts delayed the Tour de France and professional tennis with their protests. Now you can add college football to the list as wackos took the field during Saturday’s Yale-Pennsylvania game and delayed it for an hour. 

Some 60 idiots occupied the football field at halftime of Penn’s homecoming game and delayed the start of the second half. They are members of a Fossil Free Penn group that’s pressuring the university to completely divest from fossil fuels, Breitbart reported

Fossil Free Penn distributed a pamphlet at the Ivy League football game stating they have been camping out on the Campus Green for 39 days and Penn “has done nothing.” 

“We intend only to delay the game, not end it. We believe Penn can be a champion for climate and community justice,” they added. 

The radical organization also posted a video on Twitter of a Yale fan attempting to take a climate nut’s banner and being met with opposition by a stadium security guard. 

Police, however, arrested 14 climate change protesters who interfered with the playing of the football game. Other protestors continued to act up off the field while the second half began, according to a Sports Illustrated report

The Ivy League has had a previous football game at Yale disrupted for the same reason. Climate protesters ran onto the Yale Bowl field in 2020 (seen in photo) to demand that Harvard and Yale both divest from fossil fuels. They displayed a sign reading: "Nobody Wins: Yale & Harvard are complicit in climate injustice." Some 150 people sat in the middle of the field and delayed the second half for 45 minutes. They also tweeted that Harvard and Yale "have no right to profit off the destruction of the planet and land." 

This past July, climate protesters disrupted the 10th stage of the Tour de France. As we reported, “Protesters lit flares sending smoke across the road and obscuring visibility for oncoming cyclists. They also tried to glue themselves to the road. Chained together, they wore shirts declaring, ‘Only 989 days left to save our future.’” 

Additionally, this past spring, a female climate alarmist tied herself to the net during an active French Open tennis match so she could display a doomsday sign stating, ‘We have 1,028 days left.’’