San Francisco Chronicle Rips Into Giants’ Owner For Supporting Herschel Walker

November 5th, 2021 1:14 PM

It should not be considered “news” that a Major League Baseball owner donates money to Republican political candidates. But then there’s California’s wildly left-of-center media that contends it is newsworthy. The San Francisco Giants’ owner Charles Johnson supported the Georgia Senate campaign of Herschel Walker, and now he’s getting raked over the coals.

The San Francisco Chronicle disparaged Walker, the former football star and Heisman Trophy winner, as a “stop the steal enthusiast” who suspected voter fraud in the 2020 election. Walker has announced his candidacy for a U.S. Senate seat in Georgia for the 2022 election, and he leads polling among Republican candidates in that Georgia Senate primary race. Walker’s support from former President Donald Trump also soured the Chronicle on his reputation.

Though Walker has never been charged with domestic abuse, the Chronicle and Associated Press both accused him of that crime against his former wife.

Johnson previously donated money to Rep. Lauren Boebert (Rep-Colo.) and to a political action committee associated with former Rep. Elbert Guillory, too. They were both identified as ”right-wing extremists” who questioned the integrity of last year’s election, said the Bay Area newspaper that backs far Left-wing extremists.

After the media pack wolves attacked Johnson, he said he would withdraw support for Rep. Boebert. That didn’t happen though. The Chronicle further assails Johnson for supporting candidates whose names don’t meet its approval. In fact, Johnson’s support for Walker merely revved up the Chronicle’s attacks on any Republican suggesting there were any election irregularities last year.:

“So it should come as no surprise that new FEC records by SFGATE show Johnson once again broke his pledge by directly giving the maximum individual amount to Herschel Walker, the former college football star who is running against Georgia Sen. Raphael Warnock in 2022 and has already been endorsed by former President Donald Trump and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. The donation was marked on Sept. 8.”

Citing Politifact as a source, the Chronicle mentioned that “Walker is also accused of being one of the most prolific ‘Stop the Steal’ enthusiasts. He “unquestionably engaged in similar behavior to Boebert — if not going even further.”

The Chronicle endorsed a Democrat-heavy slate of federal, state and local candidates in last year’s election, including Joe Biden for president and Nancy Pelosi for Congress (even though she recommended an investigation of Trump over alleged Russian collusion without any evidence). The same newspaper also ran a story crediting the WNBA and Atlanta Dream for helping elect the Democrat Warnock (the leftist that Walker is aiming to defeat next year) to the Senate last year.

Give the Chronicle well-deserved “F” grades for journalistic fairness and failing to recognize Johnson's right to free association, along with an “A” grade for doing the Democrats’ bidding.