Herschel Walker Shines for Conservativism at Save America Rally

September 27th, 2021 8:25 PM

Former University of Georgia and National Football League star Herschel Walker is fast becoming one of the leading ball-carriers for the conservative movement. He appeared in Perry, Ga., Saturday with former President Donald Trump and other conservatives at a “Save America” rally.

It only makes sense for Americans to support conservative ideals, Walker told the fired-up audience: "People always ask me what qualifies me to run for this office, and I said, 'Well you’re right, I’m an American.’" The former Heisman Trophy winner said being conservative is just part of being an American. He had the crowd firmly with him, as people chanted “run, Herschel, run:”

“Someone told me I was conservative. And I was literally confused by that because I said I’m conservative because I like law and order? I’m a conservative because I like school choice? I’m a conservative because I like border control? I’m a conservative because I like fair elections? I’m a conservative because I like what’s right? I like the Constitution?”

Walker said America won’t continue to be in its current mess “if we hold people accountable for holding the Constitution to be true.”

Formalizing his decision last month to run for the U.S. Senate and take out radical lefty Sen. Raphael Warnock, Walker said it’s “Because I love America. And I’ve got to fight for America. It is time for us to stop wondering what we’re going to do but do it because what we’ve got now — we’re fighting over the same things we were fighting over when Jimmy Carter was in office. Have you noticed that?”



Trump told the crowd that Walker is a "special man" and a "great” man. He endorsed the candidacy of the man who’s expected to win next year’s Georgia GOP primary. Walker is polling at a whopping 75 percent among Republican Senate hopefuls in his home state.

"Welcome a man who really knows how to win the United States of America. So proud of this man,” Trump exclaimed. “One of the greatest athletes of our country's history. The greatest running back that I've ever seen.

"Not only an American hero, he is an American legend born and raised in this state," Trump said.

Sen. Warnock is a shill for Planned Parenthood and fights against abortion restrictions, such as the Hyde Amendment which prohibits public funding of abortion. He’s also in the bag for LGBT causes and complains about so-called voter suppression. Climate change is here, and it’s way past time to act on it, he said about this figment of the liberal imagination. He also “flunked” Christianity 101 last Easter with a message about how salvation hinges on doing good works – rather than accepting Christ’s free gift of grace and everlasting life.