Jaguars Can’t Be Serious! Media Slam Jacksonville For Tim Tebow Signing

May 11th, 2021 1:48 PM

Tim TebowMedia are baring their fangs for Tim Tebow. The former Heisman Trophy winner and NFL quarterback has signed a contract with the Jaguars, and the haters are frothing at the mouth over the Christian athlete who kneels for Jesus instead of Black Lives Matter.

Just look at the headlines:

Deadspin: Oh No. Tim Tebow might actually make the Jaguars roster

Bleacher Report: Steelers' Devin Bush Mocks Tim Tebow Returning to NFL Before Colin Kaepernick

New York Post: Dez Bryant, Mike Golic among critics of Jaguars' Tim Tebow signing

MSN: What is Tim Tebow really doing back in the NFL?

Tebow recently worked out at the tight end position for the Jaguars, who are now coached by his former college coach, Urban Meyer. Many in the media hated him when he played for Denver because of his inefficient passing and his open faith. They hated him when he was a national champion at Florida. His prayers were called “polarizing,” Colin Kaepernick’s kneeling was “free speech.” The politically incorrect Tebow and his mother also appeared in a pro-life Super Bowl commercial that triggered the Left.

Deadspin’s Jon Helmcamp wrote, “Tim Tebow is going to be back in the NFL because Urban Meyer still thinks it’s 2007 at the University of Florida … I get a really bad feeling that he might actually make the 53-man roster. … Meyer is trending in the direction of upsetting his locker room. If he keeps up stunts such as this one, it’s entirely possible that veteran players will struggle to take him seriously.”

On Fox Sports’ The Undisputed show, Tebow hater Shannon Sharpe said he’s in Jacksonville to sell tickets. Not because he can play.

In today’s MSN The Morning Win newsletter, Andy Nesbitt wrote the Jags’ signing of Tebow “makes absolutely zero sense.” There is no bone in Nesbitt’s body that understands the Jacksonville deal. He called Tebow a great human being who has done a lot of special things in his life, but this deal is “mind boggling.”

“This is all an embarrassing look for Meyer as he begins his first stint as a NFL coach,” Nesbitt wrote. “This league isn’t college football. He’s not coaching a bunch of kids. He’s coaching men who play football as their job. He owes it to those men to take things seriously and not make moves that make the rest of the football world scratch their heads and likely point and laugh at them.”

Jeremy Layton of The New York Post wrote about Mike Golic and NFL receiver Dez Bryant both slamming the Tebow news.

Bryant tweeted: “So Tebow haven’t played an NFL game in damn near a decade and it’s that simple…no hate but you got to be kidding me.”

Golic, the former NFL player and ESPN college football analyst, asked if Tebow can block and catch. However, Jacksonville ran Tebow through a rigorous workout several days ago and obviously feels he can do those things.

MSN’s Charles Curtis dredged the Tweets of NFL players and posted the most negative comments. Former player Adewale Ogunleye called the signing “an insult.” Former NFL rushing champ Chris Johnson said this proves the Jags “don’t have winning in mind” – though Tebow won two national championships at Florida and led Denver to the AFC West title in 2011. Pittsburgh player Devin Bush II complained that Tebow got an NFL job and Colin Kaepernick did not.

Of course, the big difference is that Tebow's made it clear he wants to play football. Kaepernick's made it clear he doesn't.