Super Bowl Not Woke Enough for Deadspin

February 9th, 2021 1:21 PM

Super Bowl 55 will be remembered as a game that lacked competitiveness, but also one in which the NFL and CBS rammed social justice down the throats of viewers. Those on the Right found much of it offensive, but at least one media lefty – Deadspin blogger Julie DiCaro -- is critical of the event, too.

DiCaro’s chief gripe is that the Super Bowl pregame ceremonies represented “gaslighting of the highest order.” She also thinks fans like you are either stupid, unobservant “or the kind of person who doesn’t think about things too much. You know, one of those ‘sports is supposed to be an escape!’ people.”

The Super Bowl was a lesson in woke SJW indoctrination, as previously reported here.

Plenty woke herself, DiCaro further stated “the NFL is hoping you got caught up in the emotion of Alicia Keys’ gorgeous performance of the Black National Anthem, Lift Every Voice and Sing, and didn’t think too hard about the fact that Colin Kaepernick, the one guy in the league who was willing to give up everything to take a stand for racial equality, is still unemployed. So, by the way, is Eric Reid, a man who soon joined him.”

The NFL’s nod to separate national anthems for separate races is no way to solve the country’s ever-widening divide. Nor will the incessant media carping about has-been radical Colin Kaepernick lift every voice in melodic harmony.

DiCaro is also peeved with the NFL’s “It Takes All of Us” video packages, because so few head coaches are African American. The unwashed, unwoke masses may have been too busy dropping their jaw that the National Football League announced it’s spending $250 million to erase something that’s highly debatable: “systemic racism.”

Another DiCaro complaint is this:

“The NFL wants you to recapture the feeling of Amanda Gorman’s soaring poem at President Biden’s inauguration, this time celebrating essential workers, without ever stopping to think about all the workers the NFL put in harm’s way by ramming this season down everyone’s throats, come hell or high water.”

Recapture the Biden inauguration? Half the country wants to forget it. But if that is a desire of the league’s, it’s yet another miscalculation.

The NFL gets more of DiCaro’s scorn for hoping you didn’t notice that, in addition to the 7,500 vaccinated health care workers at the game, “there were also 14,500 members of the unwashed and presumably unvaccinated masses present in Raymond James Stadium.” They celebrated the Bucs’ victory maskless, rendering a subtle message: “Come for the football, stay for the super-spreading.”

Even the maskless electronic image of Vince Lombardi, appearing on the stadium video board, got flagged by the Deadspin mask cop. “( …We need all the modeling of good pandemic behavior we can get.)”

Going back to the pregame festivities, DiCaro claimed “no matter what you think of the NFL, the pregame is always spectacular and designed to pull at your heart strings. We all expect it.” Really? All of us enjoy being labeled racists?

DiCaro zapped CBS play-by-play man Jim Nantz for not telling the full story about the Chiefs’ assistant coach Britt Reid reportedly telling police he’d been drinking before hitting a child while driving a car days before the Super Bowl. She’s right, but she had to tie this to criticism of a Republican senator: “I haven’t heard anyone employ such tortured syntax to avoid placing blame since Ron Johnson tried to blame the Capital riot on Nancy Pelosi.

Hitting a few resonant chords, DiCaro dogged the NFL for featuring a female referee and assistant coaches working the game in which domestic abusers played. She said it’s disturbing how the NFL views its fans: “As a bunch of easily manipulated cows who don’t think too hard about anything.”

DiCaro also beefed about a Facebook timeline full of people she feels forced to be friends with, who are “dewy-eyed about football” and “the goddamn American-ness of it all. Yeehaw. In the end, we get the sports leagues we deserve.”

In the end, neither the Left nor the Right got what they wanted on Super Sunday.