Media Pile on President Trump After Washington Team's Mocking Tweet

November 28th, 2020 1:30 PM

The pro football franchise known as "Washington Football Team" -- mired in a sexual harassment scandal -- mocked President Donald Trump on their uncensored Twitter account Thursday. The team's political statement about an election night remark by Trump prompted Newsweek magazine to pile on and promote the left-stream media theme that there is no evidence of election fraud.

The team formerly known as the Redskins routed Dallas on Thanksgiving Day to take an embarrassing lead in the NFC standings with a dismal 4-7 record, then the team with no name politicized its victory on Twitter:

Washington football team tweet

The message was an insult aimed at President Donald Trump's stop-the-count demand on election night. How long can it take to count four measly victories, though? Four wins in 11 games ought to make a team ashamed of its ineptitude rather than flaunt it on social media. Maybe that's why they subsequently deleted the tweet.

Washington's lack of shame only emboldened Newsweek writer Dan Cancian to perpetuate the left-stream lie about Republican efforts to prove election fraud:

"The Trump campaign has launched lawsuits in several states calling for votes to stop being counted and questioning the legitimacy of Joe Biden's victory.

"Neither Trump nor his campaign have provided any evidence corroborating their claims and the majority of lawsuits have since been thrown out, while the transition process to the Biden administration began this week."

Victory according to whom? Biden's compliant media, of course.

Dead people voting is of little concern to left-stream media, who attempt to deny it.

Disenfranchising millions of Americans who cast legitimate ballots is of no concern to Cancian, either. They think that only Black voters are disenfranchised.

A lack of transparency for GOP election observers over mail-in ballots? A trifling matter.

Hundreds of eyewitness accounts of troubling polling place irregularities get a pass, too.

This is further proof that sports media should stick to sports.

After doing his good-little-deceitful-left-stream-reporter boy duty, Cancian mocked the NFC's Eastern Division, which is no better than the media's dreadful, biased, undiscerning post-election reporting.

"Much as was the case for Trump, unfortunately for Washington the count will not stop," Cancian writes. "The dismal state of the NFC East this season—its cumulative 13-28-1 has it on track to become the worst division in NFL history—has made for an entertaining playoff race, with plenty more twists and turns potentially in store over the next five weeks."

Miriam Jackson, writer for the Union-Journal, also used the football tweet as an opportunity to jump on President Trump. She said The Washington Football Team used President Trump’s "desperate post-election tweets as inspiration."

"The message was a mocking reference to outgoing United States President Donald Trump’s request for officials to stop counting votes on November 5 as he suggested that any votes that arrived after November 3 should not count towards the tally," Jackson continued.

Jackson claims Trump has lost the election by a wide margin, and the Washington team's win against Dallas provides hope to a struggling team in a city in turmoil due to political unrest surrounding ... Antifa and Black Lives Matter? No, unrest surrounding the White House.

There is plenty of evidence and eyewitness testimony on election fraud, but many in the media prefer to ignore it and stick it to the president.