Lasorda Critically Ill; LGBT Writer Bashes Him Over His Late Homosexual Son

November 16th, 2020 12:58 PM

Tommy LasordaCan't a 93-year-old critically ill man be allowed to die in peace? Not if he is Hall of Fame former baseball manager Tommy Lasorda. Then SB Nation Outsports will dog him to his dying day because he never admitted his late son was homosexual.

Outsports writer Dawn Ennis goes lower than low in a shameful assault on Lasorda (seen in photo delivering his Hall of Fame speech), who managed the Los Angeles Dodgers from 1976-1996, won 1,599 games and two World Series. Inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1997, Lasorda is currently in an intensive care unit in a Los Angeles-area hospital.

Ennis's story shows the depths of malice that LGBT fanatics hold toward anyone who doesn't kowtow to them.:

"Over nearly three decades, Tommy Lasorda’s denial of his gay son’s identity has grown into legend. Tom Lasorda, Jr., known as 'Spunky,' died of complications from AIDS in 1991. His father, the Hall of Fame manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers from 1976 to 1996, is at this moment hospitalized in intensive care in Orange County, Calif., and said to be 'resting comfortably.'

"The truth may be uncomfortable, but the truth should be told, if not by Lasorda himself, then by Outsports."

Of course, the Lasorda family's story is none of Outsports' business, but the Left's usual insistence on personal privacy doesn't apply here.

To further smear the Hall of Famer, Ennis dredges up a 10-year-old Outsports story about former Dodgers player Glenn Burke, who was homosexual and who hung around with Lasorda Jr.

In a Nov. 3, 2010 Outsports story by Jim Buzinski, he says it isn't known if Burke and Lasorda Jr. dated, "but their relationship was a direct f-you to Lasorda (Sr.) and the Dodgers, who presented a wholesome 'family values' image." Burke was eventually traded to another team.

Buzinski reported that “Spunky” Lasorda eventually died of AIDS "and his father shamefully never acknowledged that his son was gay."

Media made several unsuccessful attempts to get Tommy Sr. to talk about his son's sexual behavior. He only issued a denial:

“My son wasn’t gay. No way. I read that in a paper. I also read that a lady gave birth to a fucking monkey. That’s not the truth.”

After abandoning all human decency and trashing Tommy Lasorda, Ennis tries to make nice at the end of her shameful hit piece.

"We send our best wishes to Lasorda, his family and the Dodgers family, who want nothing but a speedy recovery for this baseball idol," Ennis writes, scoring a big fat zero on the sincerity meter.

In her next sentence Ennis again applies the shoe to Lasorda's neck, saying "it may be long past the time to confront and embrace his truth ... now is as good a time as any."

Tommy Lasorda is not a "legend" because he didn't get on his knees to the LGBT fascists and say his son was homosexual. Ennis is a "legend" for contributing to cancel culture with her crassness, disrespect and lack of civility.