Deadspin/Democratspin Assures Georgians Conservative Sen. Loeffler Remains Terrible

November 12th, 2020 11:55 AM

U.S. Sen. Kelly Loeffler (Rep-Georgia) last summer exposed Black Lives Matter Marxism and became public enemy No. 1 to the WNBA and the foul blog Deadspin, aka Democratspin. The conservative Sen. Loeffler is facing a Jan. 5 run-off election, and Deadspin writer Chris Baud sarcastically says you'll be shocked to learn she remains terrible.

Baud is not only hopeful of Sen. Loeffler losing in January, but also of the radical WNBA removing her as co-owner of the Atlanta Dream. This week, Loeffler (Baud refuses to call her a senator) and fellow Georgia GOP Senator David Perdue demanded Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger resign because he isn't playing along with the "farcical narrative" spun by (she refuses to call him President) Trump and "his fellow enablers and traitors of widespread voter fraud."

Sen. Loeffler is pronounced by Baud to be guilty of several "crimes against the republic." She allegedly failed to warn the American public of the coming coronavirus crisis and asserted her privileged information to profit in the stock market. Worst of all, she denounced the WNBA’s support of Black Lives Matter and its season-long crusade for social justice. Sen. Loeffler defends the Second Amendment with an exclusion for legally armed Black people. She pals around with white supremacists and "once took a private plane to a hot dog stand."

Furthermore, Georgia's secretary of state said his election process was orderly and lawful. So there you have it. Cross Georgia off the voter fraud list.

Baud says Trump's attempted coup will fail because the mainstream media says so.:

"The mainstream media isn’t taking the threat of Trump seriously, dismissing Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s refusal to acknowledge election results as a joke, and doubting Trump’s real intentions are an actual autocratic move to usurp power. Sorry, the argument that 'Trump can’t undermine the Constitution because the Constitution won’t allow it' isn’t much of an argument for why this coup will ultimately fail."

Baud isn't sure if Trumpists are more evil or stupid. She says Sen. Loeffler is both, arrogant, and can't inspire her base by questioning the legitimacy of elections in her home state either. Senators Loeffler and Perdue have to face Democrat opponent Rev. Ralph Warnock (the favorite of SJWs in the WNBA and who previously supported anti-American rhetoric by Rev. Jeremiah Wright). They must also contend with Stacey Abrams, loser of the 2018 Georgia governor's race and two years into a voter suppression crusade that seemingly has no end in sight.

Baud says, "The defeat of Loeffler and Perdue would represent a huge win for the Democrats, but a solid repudiation of Trumpism, which will certainly persist long after Trump."

Their defeat will also be a huge win for the WNBA and a testament to the power of SJW athletes. With Democrats replacing them in the U.S. Senate, "It will mark a possible return to reality, instead of living in alternative-fact filled echo chambers. And maybe, possibly, a return to a slightly more just America."

Since July, Deadspin has filed numerous attacks against Sen. Loeffler, including stories titled, "Everybody Hates Kelly Loeffler," "Kelly Loeffler's White Supremacy Tour Continues" and "WNBA Urges Voters: Kick Kelly Loeffler’s Terrible Ass Out of Congress."