NFL Exec Urges Players To Come Out, League Celebrates National Coming Out Day

October 12th, 2020 12:29 PM

NFL celebrates National Coming Out DayBlack Lives Matter protest is so passé now that the National Football League's weekend focus Sunday was on "National Coming Out Day." The league released a 30-second long "National Coming Out Day PSA" on YouTube Saturday, which aired during early-game Fox broadcasts Sunday.

So much for "no justice, no peace" and other annoying BLM protests. The NFL's video was a plea for active players to come sprinting out of the closet. The PSA featured Ryan O'Callaghan (Patriots 2006-2007, Chiefs 2009-2010), Jeff Rohrer (Cowboys 1982-1987), R.K. Russell (Cowboys 2015, Bucs 2016-2017) and Wade Davis (Seahawks preseason player 2001) collectively saying:

"To all current players who are thinking of coming out, when you are ready, so are we."

Following that, Rob Gronkowski, DeAndre Hopkins and Calais Campbell make an absurd statement that could only be shaped by the wacky Left: "It takes all of us, and you deserve to be all you."

A story by CNN's Kelly McCleary and Giulia Hayward, quoting, claims 14 NFL players are homosexual or bisexual.

Let's be real here. Sports leagues frequently suck up to the LGBT pressure groups' agenda, to stay on their good side, to prevent boycotts and nastiness. They're fearful of being labeled "homophobic."

But the NFL's cowardly virtue signaling is over the top and just plain ridiculous. Fans don't want the LGBT agenda thrown in their faces anymore than they want BLM or anthem protests forced on them.

Now it's not important to just be a great athlete. By coming out of the closet NFL players are sure to get the Jason Collins treatment. The president, commissioners, coaches and athletes fawned all over the former NBA player for cravenly coming out as he retired from the NBA in 2014.

NFL Executive Vice President Troy Vincent wrote an op-ed on the league's website delivering a stupid LGBT-mollifying statement about imaginary homosexual teammates from his playing days:

"There has never been a single active player that has come out. While I'm sure I've played with LGBTQ+ players -- highly skilled, athletic and effective at their jobs -- they did not come out. But they were my teammates and part of the larger NFL family."

Vincent says surveys by GLAAD and the Trevor Project claim up to 12 percent of the NFL's 1,696 active players prefer guys -- a ridiculous number given of homosexuals in the overall U.S. population tops out at four percent.

Though his official role includes professional development of staff, players, coaches and officials, game analytics, policies and procedures, accountability and the integrity of the game, Vincent says he's available to help players make the journey out of the closet.:

"Anyone in the player community who may be considering coming out, know this. Just as I have done with family members and close friends, I am committed to serving as a conduit to help you through that journey -- either myself, in collaboration with my teammates at the league office, or through the many organizations with whom we partner on LGBTQ+ issues."

The NFL's new pride-themed website includes information on joint projects with GLAAD and the Trevor Project. It'll run through October, LGBTQ+ History Month.

The site includes the pride series "Building inclusivity and Allyship in Professional Sports" and the NFL Films presentation "National Gay Flag Football League." Vince "what the hell is going on out there?" Lombardi, Bronco Nagurski ... are you turning over in your graves?

And get this: NFL Network talent will wear purple for Spirit Day this Thursday (October 15)! Must-see TV.

Vincent says in his op-ed, "We have no way of knowing if an active NFL player would choose to come out, or what they might experience. What I do know is that I am committed to celebrate, support, and welcome them."

This is your newly diversified LGBT- and BLM-friendly National Football League. The game itself is becoming more and more of a distant sidelight to far-Left activism.