Crazed Canada: Transgender Teacher’s Protruding Prosthetics Permitted

November 11th, 2022 10:43 AM

Remember the biologically male shop teacher in Ontario with the blonde wig, giant fake breasts, and protruding nipples? Their local school board officially ruled that this is allowed.  

The Halton District School Board in Ontario just determined that "It is important for employers to make allowances to ensure that these employees are able to express themselves in accordance with their lived gender."

A straightforward statement that supports the self-expression of sick adults over the safety of students. 

Their decision may not be an endorsement of this insanely inappropriate attire, but it is still bowing down to something disgusting and detrimental. Apparently, they did it to avoid liability for discrimination against transgender people. 

Their report concluded, “The implementation of a formal staff dress code or grooming standards would likely expose the Board to considerable liability. Even if a dress code is implemented for non-discriminatory reasons, it would likely be found to be discriminatory.”

Jeez, what a great example for Americans to look at to ensure we do not reach this level of codified insanity. 

The Post Millennial sums it up perfectly:

“In other words, if a male’s gender identity is female and the expression of that gender identity involves wearing pornographic fetish gear in a classroom full of children, the Ontario Human Rights Code protects that individual’s right to do so and the school is powerless to protect the children in their care from such inappropriate behavior.”