GOOD NEWS! 2021 Has Seen Most Abortion Restrictions Passed in US History

April 30th, 2021 2:22 PM

The HuffPost calls the number of abortion restrictions passed by individual U.S. states in 2021 “staggering.” And all we have to add to that is Halle-freakin’-lujah!

Seriously though, HuffPost's latest cry in the wilderness is a hopeful message for conservatives who’ve watched President Biden’s anti-life policies unfold over the last 100 days. Yeah, “devout Catholic” Biden leads perhaps the most anti-life administration in American history, but at least on the state level there are many signs that good Americans are fighting to protect babies as hard as they can.

Apparently 2021 already holds the record for most pro-life legislation ever introduced throughout the United States and it’s not even June. 

The sweetest bit of schadenfreude in recent political memory – well since last week anyway – came from the beginning of Huffpost’s piece: “Legislative attacks on abortion have been so numerous in 2021 that it may be considered the most devastating period for reproductive rights on record, a report released Friday found.” Well, praise God! Seriously!

According to the report cited – put out by The Guttmacher Institute – “536” legislative restrictions on killing unborn babies have been introduced throughout 46 states in America. And that’s only since the start of 2021. Even better, the research group found that, “a whopping 61 of those restrictions have been enacted across 13 states, including eight bans.”

What pro-baby forces should celebrate loudly in the streets, the Guttmacher Institute seemed desperate about. Commenting on their findings, they wrote “If this trend continues, 2021 will end up as the most damaging antiabortion state legislative session in a decade—and perhaps ever.”

This news just keeps getting better and better. Guttmacher found that the last time abortion restrictions were pursued in the United States this aggressively – in 2011 – only “42 restrictions had been enacted, including six bans.” So pro-life politicians and activists have already beaten their record by a considerable margin and we aren’t even halfway through the year. 

Another notable pro-life achievement, and bit of info our leftist friends are losing sleep over, is that “between April 26 and April 29, 28 new restrictions were signed into law in seven states—almost half (46%) of the restrictions passed so far in 2021.” Wow. Included in these laws was “a near-total ban on abortion in Oklahoma,” a “six-week abortion bans in Idaho and Oklahoma, a 20-week ban in Montana, and a ban on abortion for non-lethal genetic anomalies in Arizona.”

HuffPost mentioned their fear that GOP politicians are hoping that these laws will meet legal challenges and eventually result in a SCOTUS showdown. “If all goes according to their plan, the U.S. Supreme Court ―  recently transformed by conservative Trump-era justices ― will revisit the abortion rights precedent established in the Roe v. Wade decision. “ One can only hope.

Again this is much needed news to counterbalance the dark report compiled by pro-life group, the Susan B. Anthony List, which showed just how aggressive the Biden administration has been with enacting pro-abortion policy in its first 100 days. As they say, it was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Let’s pray that 2021 has many more pro-life victories.