OH THE IRONY: Critics Call ‘Gutfeld!’ ‘Nasty’, ‘Not Funny.’ Do They Not Watch Colbert or Samantha Bee?

April 9th, 2021 2:26 PM

If you’re Stephen Colbert or Jimmy Kimmel, you can spend hours of your late night show bashing Trump and you’re hilarious. But if you’re a conservative late night host making fun of Dems, they’ll call you “nasty and unappealing.”

But never forget, Samantha Bee can call Ivanka Trump a “c**t” and she’s an industry favorite.

Since Greg Gutfeld took the format for his Saturday evening talk show and repurposed it as a weeknight late night platform to compete with cable network late night shows, the bullies of the other side have been fuming. Hollywood outlet Variety, which carries water for all the trash that comes out of the mouths of political hacks like Colbert, made the most recent scathing attack in their official review of the show. 

Variety’s Chief TV Critic Daniel D’Addario played the pot calling the kettle black in his whiny “review” of Gutfeld!, a review which basically said, “Oh gosh, he’s doing the same thing to us that we do to him and we don’t like it!” Of course, D’Addario would never be so forthright. Instead he called Gutfeld!” “a nasty, unappealing thing, preying on its viewers’ insecurities in a manner that Fox News, elsewhere, makes at least somewhat subtextual.”

Though to be fair, we could say that the constant drum of “Orange Man Bad” featured in network and cable late night was “a nasty, unappealing thing, preying on its viewers’ insecurities in a manner that CNN, elsewhere, makes at least somewhat subtextual.” (Though that would be falsely attributing some sort of subtlety to CNN.) 

Whatever, D’Addario. It ain’t any worse than the late night content Variety endorses. And don’t tell us that Gutfeld basically restating Hunter Biden’s self-admission that he smoked Parmesan cheese because he thought it was crack is “something worse than shabby.” If Don. Jr. did that, it would be a late night centerpiece for months. 

In their review, leftwing rag The Daily Beast called Gutfeld! “a deeply unfunny foray into the late-night comedy space” and brought out who they referred to as “actual comedians” to say bad things on the show.

For example they featured a quote from former The Daily Show producer Jena Freidman who said, “It’s like watching a guy going through a divorce doing an impression of Bill Maher … He reminds me of the boss whose jokes you’re forced to laugh at.”

As opposed to what? Three plus years of jokes about Trump-Russian collusion, abortion, and Christian weirdoes? Oh yeah that was top shelf material. Too bad if anyone in late night took a positive look at Trump, his job would be on the line. But please, tell us about jokes we’re “forced to laugh at."

And former Nightly Show writer, Sasha Stewart told the Beast, “Just because something has the cadence of a joke does not make it a joke.” Well she would know. Practically no one recognizes the late night show she worked on which only lasted two seasons. In fact they ALL know unfunny when they see it. It’s what they peddle in.

Ultimately, these hacks must just be jealous. Early ratings indicate that Gutfeld! is outperforming all but one of the major late night comedy show slots. Except for The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, the Fox News Channel late night program earned higher ratings than Jimmy Kimmel Live!The Tonight Show With Jimmy FallonThe Late Late Show with James Corden, Comedy Central's The Daily Show with Trevor NoahLate Night with Seth Meyers, and TBS' Conan. Keep trying with those negative reviews, guys!