Hollywood Elites ‘Cutting in Line,’ Offering ‘Bribes’ To Get First Vaccines

January 26th, 2021 12:40 PM

Conservatives even slightly skeptical of the mixed messages coming out of Fauci and co. about COVID get used to new nicknames like “Grandma Killer,” or “science denier” from Hollywood and the media.

Anyone caught on video in public without a mask can expect scorn and hatred from the same mob, who are outraged that anyone could ever think to endanger frail and sick people through their selfishness.

You would think that all this concern for the lower rungs of society who didn’t have access to quality healthcare or can’t afford to shut themselves up in their mansions would inspire these privileged people to wait for vulnerable people to get the COVID vaccine first. But according to Hollywood outlet Variety, many Hollywood elites have been doing all sorts of things to cut the line in order to receive their vaccines ASAP. 

If these people were on the Titanic, they’d kill the shipmate who called for “women and children first” and then hunker down in the lifeboats as self-satisfied as Meryl Streep during an Oscars ceremony. 

Variety wrote on January 25 that “some power players in entertainment and media are leveraging their clout and connections to be amongst the first to get inoculated.” Oh, that’s interesting. Though wouldn’t the wokest and most sanctimonious among us be “leveraging their clout” to get impoverished African American communities vaccinated first or something?

It seems as though the crisis is revealing who many of these people really are, more than a egotistical social media post could ever. The outlet noted that vaccine rollout is so “sluggish” in California, that many elites are doing whatever they can to get their hands on the coveted vaccination. Variety acknowledged that there isn’t any lawbreaking going on with desperate vaccine chasers, but did remark that some of the methods “raise questions” about “ethics and good taste.” 

When your local Hollywood publication is calling you out on “good taste,” perhaps maybe there is something gross there.

Some of these not-so-tasteful methods include high rolling L.A. residents flying around on their private jets to “on-demand” doctors to find a vaccine, which the outlet dubbed, “vaccine tourism.” It has “enabled them to get shots more safely and efficiently than average citizens,” the piece added.

Well isn’t that something? You can’t leave your house, but these people are jet setting for COVID prevention? By the way, will no one stop to mention the environmental damage caused by this private aviation? Even Variety commented, “the gaping chasm that exists between haves and have nots in this country when it comes to healthcare.” 

Some of these Hollywood people have even resorted to “bribes.” One L.A. practitioner, Dr. Robert Huizenga, told the outlet that various “Entertainment industry members” have offered him over “$10,000” just to have access to a vaccine. Of course, Huizenga has to keep his clients’ info private, but he remarked that many of these Hollywood folks are acting as if it’s a “fight for their lives.” 

Yet how many of these people accused normal Americans’ actions of being careless toward “grandma” or poorer communities vulnerable to the Wu-flu?