‘Men’s Health’ Says Joe Rogan’s ‘Putting Lives in Danger’ By Questioning Trans Theory

July 23rd, 2020 3:42 PM

Irony in 2020 is some potent stuff. Imagine being a magazine that’s marketed to a specific gender role and then going out of your way to smear someone who questions the transgender narrative.

Instead of focusing on physical fitness, or good dieting for the more masculine gender, Men’s Health Magazine decided to weigh in on the transgender debate by slamming Joe Rogan for criticizing radical leftist perspectives on what it means to be a trans person.

The magazine smeared the mega-popular podcast host for spreading “transphobic hate speech” that they claimed would “put lives in danger.” Oh yeah, Men’s Health? And where do you get off trying to appeal to an exclusive specific gender role in your namesake and the content of your publication?

Men’s Health writer Philip Ellis decried Rogan’s recent podcast episode featuring Abigail Shrier, a Wall Street Journal writer whose work has exposed the dangers of the radical LGBTQ movement, particularly the “T” part. 

Shrier’s latest work, that she promoted on Rogan’s podcast, was a book titled Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters. The book is a study that delves into how problematic the tenets of modern gender theory can be for young girls. Of course, Rogan and Shrier began their conversation by being tolerant of transgender adults, many of whom Shrier defended as “amazing people, who have been through “therapy,” and “as adults, made the decision to transition.”

Joe mentioned that “we fully support that.”

The real danger for Shrier is that transgender propaganda is being increasingly marketed to teenage girls and causing all sorts of undue problems for their mental health and natural development. The author explained that transgender activism is so prevalent that “lonely” and “anxious” teenage girls “that don’t fit in all the time” with their school mates, decide that their insecurities are due to the fact that they’re “supposed to be a boy.” 

“The fix is testosterone,” Shrier claimed, citing a Brown University study. She added that the study found a “huge epidemic in America of teenage girls deciding they were trans with their friends after social media emerging and pushing for hormones and surgeries.”

Of course relegating the mystical importance of the trans perspective to mere propaganda-driven peer pressure displeased Men’s Health, who claimed Shrier “invalidated the lived experience of trans and nonbinary kids and teens, and made numerous dangerous, entirely unsound false equivalencies.” 

They saved even worse treatment for Rogan, who they claim caused “real harm” to the LGBTQ community for appearing “to affirm” Shrier’s notion. Rogan added, “this agenda is very ideologically driven that anyone who even thinks they might be trans should be trans, are trans, and the more trans people the better.” 

Men’s Health became even more unhinged by waving away Rogan and Shrier’s researched perspective as some appeal to imaginary “cancel culture.” The piece stated, “By alluding to a pro-trans lobby with that aforementioned agenda, Rogan positioned himself and Shrier as marginalized voices in their own right.” Oh sure. They’ve figured us out. Skeptics are acting like the victims, waving their stats around and feeling concerned about impressionable teenagers being taken advantage of. 

So Men’s Health is just smearing skeptics and ignoring counter arguments, but no there’s no silencing going on. There’s no cancel culture.