Racist Jill Filipovic Thinks It’d Be Swell If ‘White Guys’ Stopped Running for President

March 2nd, 2020 5:04 PM

Adding another arrow to her quiver of crazy, radical feminist commentator and occasional New York Times columnist Jill Filipovic took to social media to disparage most of the remaining Democratic presidential field. No, not because they embody some of the worst values in human history, but because each of their skin tones is white and they each (except for one) have male genitalia.

Your team was supposed to be the woke one, Jill. What on earth happened?

Joking aside, Filipovic shared her racist and sexist opinion to Twitter on Monday, March 2, following the news that another one of the Democratic field’s minorities, female nominee Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), had to end her presidential campaign. This was the second big drop out of the race in recent days, as gay nominee and former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, Pete Buttigieg announced the suspension of his campaign Sunday.

Filipovic tweeted, “Whatever happens in November, what if all Democrats pledged that no white guys will run for president next cycle?” Oh, some classic racism. But it’s ok, we’re all tired of white men anyway, right?

She pre-empted any criticism of her post (she knew it was stupid) by saying that there were plenty of good candidates who weren't white. She responded to her own post with, “And yeah we all want the best candidates to run, but if that's your immediate response here, you're kind of telling on yourself that you don't think there are plenty of excellent candidates who aren't white guys.”

Oh right, because doing well with different communities of voters is not important to being a good presidential candidate. That's like saying Pete Buttigieg getting next to none of the African American vote does not mean he’s not good with African American voters.

The same goes for campaign casualties Kamala Harris and Julian Castro right? They didn’t get as much traction as Biden or Sanders, but they deserve it more? Yeah, it’s stupid and racist.

One informed user pointed out, “That’s not democracy,” to which Filipovic replied, “Neither is minority rule, and that's what we've had for the entirety of the American presidency.” Oh, yes, the straight, white male tyranny has been at it since the dawn of human history.

This kind of crazy is just par for the course for Filipovic, who once famously tweeted that wives need to “divorce your Republican husbands” because phony sexual assault allegations didn’t prevent Republicans from appointing conservative Justice Brett Kavanuagh to the Supreme Court.

She also tweeted a year later that discouraging abortion among women is the equivalent of forcing men to cut a “half-inch” of their penises off. Yes, white male-hating lunacy is just her shtick.