Hillary Hits Late Late Show to Peddle Book, Slam Trump’s ‘Phony Stories’

November 6th, 2019 2:25 PM

One day, Hillary Clinton may break the glass ceiling and become the first woman to fail in three attempts at becoming president. Until then, America will have to make do with the pointers she gave to Dems trying to beat Trump in 2020 during a late night appearance with James Corden.

Madame Hillary, on tour with her daughter Chelsea Clinton to promote their new book, The Book of Gutsy Women, sat down with James Corden of CBS’s The Late Late Show to give her party tips for defeating Trump.

Neither Corden nor Clinton mentioned whether Juanita Broaddrick merited an entry in that Gutsy Women tome. Too bad, because it would have been the one interesting part of the interview.

Instead, Clinton ladled out political advice. As the only Democrat with practical experience debating Trump, Clinton urged candidates to be “really prepared” for the fight.

Clinton stressed that Dems need to be able to push through all the “bizarre aspects” that Trump will bring to the table, like all the “propaganda” and “phony stories” that he allegedly peppered in throughout their encounters — an interesting point from the heroine of Tuzla Airfield.

At any rate candidates need to be laser-focused on being able to “make your case” and “keep going at him [Trump]” because he’s such a sneaky, two-faced guy. What beautiful irony. She added that she would be more than willing to coach any of her fellow Dems, provided she doesn’t run herself.

Either way, she added, “I think we are going to win if we do everything we should,” which, as we all know, for Dems may include fabricating yet another witch hunt.

For laughs, Corden then held up a photo of both candidates during the second debate, showing Clinton speaking while Trump was standing directly behind her looking stern. "What will you do about the lurking?" he asked, adding, "What's he even doing?!" Amused, Clinton responded, "Well that was all part of his alpha male impersonation." Hilarious, we get it.

The other highlight of both Clintons’ appearance was Hillary slamming Trump’s personal attorney and former New York mayor, Rudy Giuliani. Corden asked the failed candidate whether she was surprised at any of Giuliani’s recent behavior, to which she replied that it seems like “aliens have seized his brain.”

She added, “I don’t understand when it happened, but it is a very clear case of a man who has gone over the edge, probably pushed.” For the lady who insists “Obviously, I can beat him [Trump] again” in 2020, this is just so rich.