TBS’s ‘The Detour’: Guns Endanger Kids, Constitution in Need of ‘Update’

May 23rd, 2016 11:14 PM

True to its name, TBS’s comedy The Detour, detoured from an otherwise hilarious episode and instead derailed completely, in a ridiculous attempt to smear gun owners, the 2nd Amendment, and the U.S. Constitution.

While at a theme park in Salvation, Florida, which celebrates Christmas 364 days a year (they’re closed on Christmas), husband and wife team Nate and Robin (Jason Jones and Natalie Zea) alienate a Christmas reveler by acting in a decidedly non-Holiday kind of spirit.

But before the well-intentioned guy can get away, Robin notices something under his shirt:


Robin: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hey.

Christmas Reveler: What?

Robin: Who do you work for and why are you packing?

Christmas Reveler: This?

Robin: Yes.

Christmas Reveler: Oh, I keep this to keep our government honest.

Nate: Whoa! What is wrong with you?! There's children here!

Christmas Reveler: They are safer now.

Robin: No! No! They are statistically way less safe now!

Christmas Reveler: Our founding fathers knew how –

Nate: Our founding fathers would sh*t their pants if they saw what this gun could do.

Christmas Reveler: The Constitution is the oldest –

Robin: Is in dire need of an update.

Christmas Reveler: It's the most sacred document ever written.

Nate: This "Sacred document"? It's been amended 27 times! And then those amendments have been amended.

Robin: See you later, slavery.

Nate: Yeah, hello, women's suffrage.

Robin: Goodbye, alcohol.

Nate: Welcome back, alcohol.

Robin: This guy.

Nate: This stupid guy!

Christmas Reveler: Me?

Nate: Yes!

Robin: Yeah.

Christmas Reveler: You two have ruined my entire Christmas dinner! Jeez!

Nate: Your gun! Take it!

Robin: Take your gun!

Christmas Reveler: I know! You've got me all flustered.

Nate: Yeah. Responsible gun owner.

First things first, our Founders knew guns were capable of inflicting some pretty awful damage. They knew because most of them had just used guns in a war. So they could one day have the opportunity to write the 2nd Amendment in the first place.

Yes, handguns are far more capable today than they were back in in the late 18th century. However, the 2nd Amendment was written so people could protect themselves from the government. Which is kind of hard to do if the government are the only people who have semi-automatic weapons.

As for children becoming statistically less safe around guns, this is a well-worn liberal lie. Represented most notably by the leftist talking point that 13 children are killed every day in America by guns.

But here’s the thing, liberals sometimes love to include adults as old as 24 in their tabulations of the number of “children” who are being killed by guns. When you factor in that most violent crimes in America are committed by males aged 16-24, it becomes easy to see these aren’t children at all killing and being killed by guns. These are actual gang members, killing each other like it’s going out of style.

However, if you consider a child as someone up to the age of 14. Watch what happens:

Then of course, there’s this chart from Real Clear Policy about causes of unintentional deaths among children:

Kind of ironic that a show called The Detour, which chronicles the hijinks and hilarity of a family driving a car all over the country, bemoans the danger guns pose to children. While motor vehicles pose the single greatest unintentional risk to children.

Equally weak is the idea that the Constitution is somehow not “sacred,” or badly in need of an “update.” Because it’s been amended 27 times. The Constitution itself allows for the provision of amendments. So what’s the point?

In fact, that’s a great question for that entire scene of the show; what was the point?