CBS’s ‘Madam Secretary’ Puts Forth Worst Idea Ever

April 10th, 2016 11:44 PM

So quite possibly the worst idea in the history of foreign relations happened on a show modeling itself after Hillary Clinton.

On Sunday night’s episode of Madam Secretary, better known on this site as Madam Hillary, a plan was made to release 5 murderous, raping, Boko Haram terrorists from captivity in exchange for 106 Nigerian school girls. That plan failed, after the leader of Boko Haram made one of the Nigerian school girls tell the American diplomat that they would rather die than be separated from their new Boko Haram hubbies.

As bad as that plan was, it paled in comparison to the utter clown show that followed, when Madam Hillary, who found out about a cure for a virus ravaging Nigeria and Cameroon, correctly pre-supposes the leader of Boko has the virus, and then sits down with one of her aides who has been infected with the virus and pitches this insanity:

Madam Secretary: Hey, you’re asymptomatic, right?

Aide: Hello to you, too. Yeah, as of 20 minutes ago, I'm fine.

Madam Secretary: So even if you had the Marburg virus, the only way I could catch it is through the exchange of bodily fluids, right?

Aide: I'm starting to feel sexually harassed.

Madam Secretary: Well, don't worry, 'cause you're gonna stand over there.

Aide: No problem. You're braver than my lawyer, by the way. He would only review my will by phone. That's fantastic news. Chris's wife must be so relieved.

Madam Secretary: Yeah, she was.

Aide: Selfishly, I'm kind of glad the doctors have an ace up their sleeve, even if there are only a few doses.

Madam Secretary: Did you watch the Boko Haram video?

Aide: Weird that Bangote's not in it.

Madam Secretary: It is, right?

Aide: Spectacular attention-getting attack, you'd think a megalomaniac like him would take all the credit. So, what are you thinking?

Madam Secretary: I'm thinking he's got Marburg.

Aide: Talk about poetic justice. Well, it only makes sense. The disease is highly communicable. He's at the epicenter of the outbreak, and he's crossed paths with at least one infected person, Chris.

Madam Secretary: Let's say he's gone off the grid because he doesn't want the world to know he's dying. He's on record as saying the, uh, pure of faith won't get sick.

Aide: So he's embarrassed because it turns out science is real. So what?

Madam Secretary: If he's sick, what else is he?

Aide: Terrified of dying a slow, agonizing death.

Madam Secretary: I think there may be an opportunity here.

Aide: You cannot seriously be thinking of offering that man one of the few we've got to contain this outbreak. Existing doses of the cure you’ve got.

Madam Secretary: We have got to have a cease-fire in place with Boko Haram.

Aide: You've got to be kidding me.

Madam Secretary: Jay, this drug could be our only leverage.

Aide: So you'd rather give it to a mass murderer than to any one of the decent people who've been infected?

Madam Secretary: I understand.

Aide: No, you don't. This thing has a 20% to 90% kill rate, and I shook a sick man's hand. I have a wife and a little baby girl at home, and I-I-I could spike a fever at any time. So, if you came for my blessing, you don't have it. Look, do what you have to do, but please don't sit there and tell me that you understand, Elizabeth. I'm sorry, ma'am. It's the right play. I just... My nerves are, uh...

Madam Secretary: It's all right, Jay.

Aide: You should pitch it to POTUS. But maybe we can talk another time?

Madam Secretary: Of course

Now, normally I would just laugh off this kind of Hollywood hackery. But again, this is a show created and written by liberals actively trying to make Hillary Clinton president. Meaning, they think it’s a good idea. Ergo, Hillary might think this was a good idea.

“Win a Nobel Peace Prize by saving thousands of people, by secretly saving a terrorist. Yeah, he’s going to fully recover and go on a murderous, raping tirade. Killing thousands of people, Americans possibly included. But hey, stuff happens.”

Think about it, if someone in the Hillary Clinton Administration proposed that idea, do you think that person would be fired and arrested like they should be? Or, do you think that idea would get seriously entertained?

I think an idea like that would get seriously entertained if Hillary were President. I just hope we never have to find out.