'Sex and the City' Reboot 'And Just Like That' Character Chastises Boss Over Pronouns

August 21st, 2023 7:10 AM

HBO’s Sex and the City reboot And Just Like That (streaming on MAX) decided to give viewers a liberal lecture on gender pronouns in their latest episode, “The Last Supper Part One: Appetizer,” where a nonbinary character has the gall to chastise her boss for calling her “she” in the workplace. That same character is responsible for turning a beloved straight character from the original series queer.

Che (Sara Ramirez) is a new nonbinary character in the reboot, because, of course, they need LGBTQ+ characters to push their latest agenda. In addition to working at a vet’s office, she’s a stand-up comedian who wooed beloved main character Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) out of her straight marriage and left her confused as to her sexuality after their breakup.

This led Che - because of course her name would be that of a famous murdering communist - to make fun of her confusion in her stand-up routine not realizing Miranda was in the audience:

Jess: It's cool, dude. I'm into cis guys.

Audience Member: I'm trans.

Jess: Okay. This non-standup cannot get a bigger laugh than me. I'm cute. Look at my face.

Che: Toby, thanks for coming.

Toby: Yeah, don't wanna get in the way of your flow or whatever. I just wanted to say, "Hey, I'm here."

Jess: Are we ready for our next comic? Okay! Please welcome to the stage, after far too long, Che Diaz! Give it up! Let's give it up. Yes!

Che: Hey! Jess Henderson, everybody! So, I just got out of an eight-month relationship with a married, straight white woman. I know... I know what you're thinking. Eight months? Wouldn't it have been quicker and less painful to just slam my dіck in a car door? The good news: She was very sexually adventurous. Oh, yeah. Wild, in fact. Yeah, she brought four people into our bed. Yeah. Me, her, her husband, and her son. So, not so much a f*ck, as a mind f*ck. So, before me, she'd only been with men. So, the first time we had sеx... it took forever! No, really, she kept waiting for my clit to get hard. It was like... ( laughter ) "Should I just...Should I do that? Is that..." Yeah, my lady was very confused. "Am I queer? Am I bi? Am I les? Am I..." Just all over the LGBTQIA+ menu. Just, "I'll take queer. Uh, yeah, with a side of bi. Uh, hold the mayo." And it's not just her. Yeah, I was, I was confused as well. We were both kind of in the same place. Yeah... she was confused about... everything and I was confused about why I was f*cking her.

Earlier in the episode, Che’s boss at the vet clinic, Dr. Fisher, apologizes to her after she scolds him for daring to call her “she,” stating he’s an “old dog”:

Dr. Fisher: Judy, I need you back here to assist me for an hour or so. She can handle the front.

Che: They. They can handle the front. I use they/them pronouns, Dr. Fisher.

Dr. Fisher: Yes. Right. Sorry. I know that. Old dog.

Che: How many more times do I have to correct him?

Judy: My guess: many more times. He's used to who you used to be here.

Che: Well, I'm not that person, and I don't think it's too much to ask to be recognized for who I am now.

Judy: I hear ya. I've been fighting that fight since Ed Koch was mayor.

Che: Okay, well...not who I am now. I mean, how would he like it if I went around calling him "young"?

Yes, Che, it is too much to ask people who wish to use proper English and don’t believe in the new gender fluid hype to use made-up, grammatically incorrect pronouns - especially if that person is your boss. You follow his rules, not the other way around. For a supposed oppressed victim group, these people sure are demanding and entitled!

I’m sure the doctor would like to be called young. A better question is, how would Che like it if he ordered her to call him “King” because he identifies as one? How far do we go with that? Maybe he wants her to bow before him anytime he enters the room so that she recognizes “who he is now.” Would that be too much to ask?

This scene was immediately followed by a graphic sexual encounter between two men who, after having sex, began arguing over which one of them is the bottom and which one is the top because one of them must be “the woman,” as one of them put it.

A quick Google search shows how badly the reboot is failing in the eyes of most viewers. In their effort to be woke, they’ve lost their focus on making compelling storylines and entertaining plots. As reported in The Mirror, one fan stated, “They are pushing the whole woke cultural wedge issues way too much…” Another described it as “a cringe fest of how to cram as much woke as humanly possible in.”

One YouTube reviewer called it “More woke garbage,” adding, “The show is filled with woke and identity politics. The plot is (sic) lacks creativity, the pacing is off, and its (sic) completely tone deaf…This is the version of Sex and the City that no one wanted or asked for."

Forbes asked, “What’s Behind the Season 2 Viewer Slump For ‘And Just Like That,’” but failed to recognize the real answer - get woke, go broke! No word on whether the show has been renewed for season 3 yet, but given Hollywood’s tendency to put their woke agenda above ratings, odds are in favor of a renewal despite the bad reception.