Alt-Left Insanity: Hijab Is ‘Empowment’ Unless Women Dare Take It Off

January 25th, 2018 10:21 AM

Note: Normal people might find some of this offensive. (We hope. Dear Lord, please!)

I take freedom of religion seriously. You should, too. The alt-left wants nothing better than to start using religious freedom against the right. It’s part of their campaign against Christians in the U.S.

I know, some alt-left idiot is about to read about this and pretend Christians are mistreated in the U.S. like they are in the Mideast.

They aren’t. Even the Obama administration admitted Christians are being genocided in the Mideast. Things aren’t anywhere near as bad here. But in a free society built on freedom of religion, the attacks on Christian faith are worrisome.

What’s also notable is how the media have decided their worldview is: Islam is good, Christianity is bad. It’s a constant refrain. So much so that in every alt-lefty gathering, you will see the press highlight women wearing hijabs like self-proclaimed “Hijabi Feminist” and whackjob Linda Sarsour. (Shown in this ABC video.) Other photos glorify protesters carrying signs with images of a woman wearing a star-spangled hijab, like in this New York Times story on the Women’s March.

Here’s what you won’t see: An endless stream of articles calling into question the weirdness of hijab being “empowerment” while an Iranian protester who took hers off was disappeared by her Islamic government.

Even the BBC admits the terrifying reality of the situation: “Images of the woman, whose name remains unknown, defiantly taking off and waving her white headscarf - a punishable offence - in central Tehran were shared thousands of times during anti-establishment protests at the end of last year.”

The 31-year-old mother was arrested almost a month ago. None of the pussyhat protesters were arrested for their beliefs. And the American media pretend Trump is the bad guy. Meanwhile, there are 56 majority Muslim nations and not one of them is founded on western beliefs of freedom, which coincidentally also includes religious freedom.

This is important because Muslims are now close to 1 percent of the U.S. population. So Islamic beliefs are going to come increasingly into play here. Certainly, the media and businesses are already pushing that agenda aggressively -- and sometimes disastrously.

This week, L’Oreal Paris ran into problems with its first hijab-wearing hair model -- a strange choice since you can’t see her hair. Turns out, she’s kind of an anti-Israel loon. I’d link to the original BBC story on this, but it doesn’t show the bizarre tweets. So New York Post, here we go. She called “Israel an illegal state” and “Israel a sinister state” among other things like “child murderers.” This time she lost her job over those comments. Yet, journalists sing Sarsour’s praises and she’s similar. For context, the Zionist Organization of America calls her “an anti-Semitic, anti-Israel bigot who divides rather than unites us.” She’s treated like an icon in the American press.

Expect more of this as the media bend over backwards to highlight alt-left Muslim voices. And that takes us to this week’s column of craziness:

The Real Gay Agenda: The right has been accusing the left of pushing the gay agenda for decades. And the alt-left has just as vociferously denied there was one. They lied.

Of course there was. The goal has been to normalize the LGBTQIAetc attitudes in everything from young children to schools to churches. It’s worked big time. Try watching a TV show without a prominent gay character good guy. See what books get promoted by the lefty press.

One of the ways they’ve done this is by hiding the more bizarre behaviors of the LGBTQIAetc community -- like nudity in the San Francisco gay community. Watch TV and you’ll see a sister wives show about heterosexual polygamy. You won’t see the media hyping the same strange behaviors among gays. Even when they are linked to a disturbing and vicious murder.

Here’s Slate, with another freaky take on the LGBTQIAetc community you won’t see in the traditional press: “Why I’m officiating the marriage of my ex-boyfriends from a triad relationship.” Yep, officiating the marriage of two of his exes from a threesome relationship.

Here’s the longer version of that: “In March, I will be officiating my ex-boyfriends’ wedding. Yep, two ex-boyfriends. One wedding. And it’s even more complicated than that: These particular exes are from a triad relationship that ended two years ago.” Naturally, he “couldn’t be happier about it.”

Interestingly, the author hints at a bit of media truth. “Yes, I suppose it’s ‘weird,’ but honestly when have I not been “weird?” (Queer life without weird is Will & Grace.)” Yep, the TV version of gay is never as strange as the real version. We get Modern Family (see photo) not reality. Here’s his description of the lifestyle (I know I’ll get nasty grams for that word choice): “Having a regular third or friend you hook up with is relatively common, but bringing someone fully into an existing relationship can be more delicate.”

Yep, modern family alright. At least the alt-left will admit it. Don’t expect major media to tell us about it.

‘The Straights Are At It Again’: That’s a quote from The Root, one of the gaggle of insane publications owned by Univision billionaire Haim Saban. Now imagine that quote but change the noun. Pick any supposedly liberal victim group and try to envision the reaction or overreaction to it. The gays are at it again. The Hispanics. The African-Americans.

Except in this case, straight is being used as a pejorative. So you should probably imagine harsher terms for those groups. The quote comes from the story: “Time’s Up on Men Telling Single Women How to Be Worthy of Marriage.” The problem is simple: “Over the weekend, singer Ciara caused an internet stir when she posted on Instagram a clip from a sermon by Houston’s Lakewood megachurch pastor John Gray telling single women why they’re not married.”

Oh noes, you can’t provide help to women who want to get married. That’s like patriarchy or something. (Author checks, yep, she talks about patriarchy.) The author grew especially triggered when Pastor Gray said, “when you carry yourself like a wife, a husband will find you.”

What follows is what amounts to an anti-marriage rant. Here’s an epic paragraph: “If no ‘husband’ has ‘found’ a woman yet—assuming that she wants to be found—it’s not because churches don’t intentionally create the kind of men who value an actual equal partnership over subjugation; it’s not because there are statistically more black women with higher levels of education and income than their male counterparts, which can cause issues in pairing off; it’s not because some women do not desire marriage at all or do not desire marriage to a man; it’s not because a woman’s life might have more purpose beyond being married (surprise!).”

She adds, “Marriage may very well be special to the individual people who are in it, but it is not an inherently special institution to aspire to, or one that someone ‘deserves.’”

Then she says how women are done with the days when they had “fear of not being good enough for marriage.” And she lashes out once more at men. “If you’re not helping to dismantle patriarchal oppression of women and nonbinary people, at least get out of our way.”

It reads in some ways like the alt-left’s defense of abortion. They claim to be pro-choice, but are always only pro-the-choice-they-support. Somehow it’s controversial that the pastor is trying to help women who want to get married do so.

This Is A News Network?: Vice is well-named. It celebrates vices and pretends to produce news, when what it produces is propaganda. Every Vice video I’ve ever seen pushes a lefty world view on sex, gender, race, politics, etc. It’s a media empire aimed at young people with the obvious goal to push them as far to the left as possible.

One of the Vice shows is called Slutever. (As seen in this photo.) Pretty much every episode is “Vice's Resident Sexpert Karley Sciortino” digs into some weird sex topic and treats it like it’s perfectly fine. To go with the launch of season two of her show, they’ve launched web videos of Ask Slutever. To put this is perspective, here are two of the titles: “How to Incorporate Urine into Your Sex Life,” and “Is Watching Harry Potter Porn Weird?” (Love the Geico ad that played before that one!) Here’s your one actual quote: “I worked in a dungeon for a while and everyone likes to be peed on.”

Now here’s why all this matters. This is a quote from the June 19, 2017, Wall Street Journal: “The deal will give Vice a valuation of around $5.7 billion, including the new investment, people familiar with the situation say.” Yep, Vice is worth more than the GDP of numerous small nations. And that means it will be pushing it’s lefty garbage on young people for many years.

The right desperately needs billionaires to fund alternatives to the alt-left.

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