Michael Moore: ‘We Have Got to Get Rid Of Trump,’ 2nd Amendment

October 4th, 2017 12:37 PM

In the wake of the horrific tragedy in Las Vegas, celebrities have decided to use death as a stump for their activism. And of course, who better to lead the way than professional protester Michael Moore.

Moore is not backing down on Trump. He told anchor Amy Goodman on Democracy Now!, “We have got to get rid of Trump.” Even in the case of war with North Korea, Moore wanted only to “get rid of” Trump. He said, “We are in the French Resistance.” So America is now occupied by Nazis? He continued, “Don’t even stop to think. If Trump is taking us to war, you have to automatically assume this is an insane idea from an insane man, it’s a lie we’re being told.”

In a Facebook post, Moore advocated the “repeal of the 2nd Amendment” with a 28th Amendment that would put the “public’s safety ahead of an individual’s right.” For the purposes of defense, Moore suggested that states have “state national guards which are made up of citizen soldiers who are called upon in times of natural disasters or other state emergencies.” But unarmed citizens -- seems like he’s calling for an authoritarian state, at the very least.

His statement, which included ridiculous and laughable assumptions, such as the argument: “In order for a man to purchase a gun, he must first get a waiver from his current wife, plus his most recent ex-wife, or any woman with whom he is currently in a relationship (if he’s gay, he must get the waiver from his male spouse/partner). This law has greatly reduced most spousal/domestic gun murders in Canada.”

Moore doesn’t understand that the law in Canada is nothing like this. In Canadian law, a current spouse is notified when someone buys a gun, but no waiver is required. If the spouse protests, a second background check is performed, but again, there is no waiver demanded by law.

He also stated, “Let every candidate know: If you take NRA money, we will remove you from office.”

In an interview with Democracy Now! on September 29th, Moore also went into a tirade about the NFL, Trump, and North Korea, just to remind people what his purpose in life is all about.

According to Moore, Trump is “the result of a racist clause in the United States Constitution...we put this clause in there that let them count slaves while giving them no power, really. And so, he benefitted from that.” (News flash: we don’t have slavery in the United States.)

While Moore “raised the fist in honor of Colin Kaepernick” on his Broadway show, The Terms of My Surrender, he also stated that he boycotts the NFL for “colluding to keep [Kaepernick] from his job this year because he took a stand.” (He’s not alone. The Museum of Modern Art in New York City has Kaepernick’s jersey as an “art” exhibit.)

Remember when people accused conservatives of wearing tin foil?