Celebs, Journalists Want to ‘Trade’ ‘Sociopath’ Trump for Kim Jong-Un

September 22nd, 2017 12:59 PM

To liberal Hollywood, Trump is the worst thing that could possibly happen. So when North Korean dictator Kim-Jong Un referred to him as a “dotard,” celebrity activists were quick to condone the insult. After all, it’s what they’ve been saying for years.

When Chelsea Handler saw the Korean dictator’s letter, she tweeted, “Kim Jung’s letter to @realDonaldTrump is a little bit more sane that @realDonaldTrump. Maybe we trade?” Coming from a woman who thinks Russia “hacked” the weather, yeah maybe no one should listen to her.

Moby tweeted an agreement with Kim Jong-Un, but then corrected him: “Yes, #trump =#dotard, he’s also a sociopath and a belligerent incompentent, but #dotard as well.” His twitter tag isn’t @thelittleidiot for nothing, apparently. He also tweeted pictures of Trump and Kim-Jong Un side by side with the caption, “These fucking idiots. Poster children for everything wrong with our species.”

Journalist Yashar Ali joked, “Kim Jong Un talks to Trump like I talk to my ex-boyfriends.” A reminder that he writes for both the New York Magazine and Huffington Post is appropriate and timely.

Stephen King actually did something no other celebrity will do. He admitted that Kim-Jong Un was in fact, “dangerous.” Then he ruined it by saying “By substituting threat and insult for actual diplomacy, Trump has descended to Kim Jong Un’s level.”

Cher speculated that the “(clown emoji) May have pushed (rocket emoji) Man Too Far” Actress Mia Farrow tweeted a helpful dictionary definition for the word “dotard,”

Actor Jeffrey Wright agreed with Kim Jong Un, just like the rest of his celebrity brethren: “#Dotard. Um. No argument.” Writer Joyce Carol Oates wondered why no one understands the meaning of dotard, because, after all, “In the very Era of Dotage and w/image of orange shellacked Dotard-in-Chief everywhere in media?”

Remember when all these people wanted to move to Canada after the election? Maybe they should try a different country.