Moby's Open Letter to America: 'What the F*ck is Wrong With You?'

November 11th, 2016 3:03 PM

In the wake of Donald Trump’s election, another overpaid, self-righteous entertainer lectures us about how we ought to live our lives, asking, “america, what the fuck is wrong with you?”

Musician Moby, an ardent Hillary Clinton supporter, shared an open letter to America with Billboard the day after the election. In it, he bemoaned the election of a, you guessed it, “dim-witted, racist, misogynist.” “Hopefully,” Moby also mused, “somehow, america will finally wake up the fact that republicans are simply, terrible.”

He called out each group of people who voted for Trump, slamming “‘christians’ and family-values voters,” “30% of latinos [sic],” “45% of women,” “business-minded middle america” and “blue collar middle America” for electing the “trust-find baby.” The all-knowing vegan and animal rights activist also condemned Americans for naively smoking cigarettes and eating “garbage.”

He claimed that Trump beat Clinton, an “experienced and erudite woman,” due to her one “shortcoming”: “being on the receiving end of a 30 year right-wing smear campaign.” No mention of the Benghazi attack, her emails, or her WikiLeaks scandal.

Moby explained why he shouldn’t have been surprised, arrogantly noting that “this is the same america that eats at burger king and is baffled as to why it ends up obese and cancerous and dying.”

After discussing how Republicans have always “ruined the economy” while Democrats (including President Obama, somehow) have always “fixed it,” Moby blamed Americans’ “baffling, habitual masochism” for keeping them “going back to what’s bad for them, whether it’s food or political parties.” Showcasing his elitism, he couldn’t resist continuing to bring up America’s consumption of junk food.

As a result of the Trump election, he continued, the climate, inner cities, children and even animals “will suffer.”

“All because americans live in this delusional, upside down world wherein they’re unwilling to look at evidence,” Moby whimpered. Maybe Moby should run for president and outlaw everything he deems as bad for Americans.

Moby ended his letter espousing so-called “facts: junk food makes you fat and kills you. cigarettes give you cancer.” And of course, “racist and “misogynist” Donald Trump “will be the worst president our country has ever, ever seen.”

Moby is a Planned Parenthood supporter who participated in ‘30 Days, 30 Songs,’ a campaign which released a new anti-Trump song every day for 30 days until the election.

Will Hollywood ever stop lecturing Americans on how to live their lives?

Editor’s Note: All spelling and grammar errors are unchanged for the purpose of accuracy.

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