WATCH: Rude LeBron James Shoves Fan Aside

August 2nd, 2021 5:18 PM

LeBron James is facing major backlash on Twitter but it's not for his radical leftist beliefs or encouragement of attacks on police. Instead, he is trending for shoving a fan at an Usher concert this weekend.

James’s actions have caused a heated debate between avid supporters of the basketball player and those who think he went a little too far. Here’s the video so you can judge yourself:

The NBA player and BLM activist has openly called for targeting the police and put off acknowledging whether or not he has been vaccinated, but he was maskless in the video, regardless. He was spotted walking hand in hand with his wife during the concert on Friday and one fan attempted to take a picture with him when he shoved the young man to the side. Unfortunately, he didn’t flop like James does in his games.

Everyone deserves their personal space but we have laws against laying hands on people for a reason. Come on, man, you’re a celebrity, you should be used to random people rushing up to you at inopportune moments when you’re out in public. It was the biggest news in the country when Trump seemingly pushed his way past the Montenegro Prime Minister in 2017 but the big left-wing media sites don't want anything to do with it when the pusher is on their side.

The video of James racked up hundreds of comments and quote tweets with individuals arguing over how he was wrong or right with some comments even calling him out for assault. 

"When someone shows you who they are over and over again, believe them,” especially when it’s someone who has used their platform to threaten police officers.