Celebs Show Their Overwhelming Support for High School Graduation Speech on Killing Babies

June 3rd, 2021 12:55 PM

Celebrities and journalists are rallying around Texas teen Paxton Smith for giving an unapproved pro-abortion commencement speech during Lake Highlands High School’s graduation ceremony. Among those who are showing their overwhelming support for the young teen are Olivia Wilde, Adam Scott, Molly Jong-Fast, and many, many more. It truly is hard being pro-baby killing isn’t it?

Olivia Wilde, an American actress, was just so impressed with this girl’s speech, she had this to say about the teen: 



Smith stated that she was not planning to give her speech on this topic, but when the Heartbeat Bill (S.B.8) was signed into law by Texas state Governor Greg Abbott she just had to take advantage of her platform. In a successful attempt to gain her 15-minutes of fame Smith began her speech by stating that “under light of recent events, it feels wrong to talk about anything but what is currently affecting me and millions of other women in the state.” 

She then went on to bash S.B.8 and lament how cruel it is to make abortions past 6 weeks illegal and that this is not a long enough time period for a woman to decide if “they can take on the responsibility of bringing another human being into the world.” Sorry Paxton, it doesn't work like that. If you are responsible enough to have sex then you should be responsible enough to know that there is a very real chance of pregnancy. 

Celebrities including Rex Chapman, former NBA star, retweeted the video of Smith’s tweet and added the caption “courage.” Yes, it is so courageous to support the murdering of innocent fetuses. I thought we weren’t supposed to listen to men’s opinions on this issue?

Adam Scott, a comedian and Parks and Recreation star, hopped on the bandwagon with this tweet: 



“Our control over that future has been stripped away from us.” Smith continued, “I am terrified that if my contraceptives fail, I am terrified that if I am raped, then my hopes and aspirations and dreams and efforts for my future will no longer matter. I hope that you can feel how gut-wrenching that is, I hope that you can feel how dehumanizing it is, to have the autonomy over your own body taken from you.” 

Nancy Lee Grahn chimed in as well, tweeting “#PaxtonSmith is a hero who just used her well earned moment to speak up against vile Texas politicians & on behalf of all of our daughters & their right to have autonomy over their own bodies. This women is a force & every elected official should know her name & follow her lead.”

Smith ended her rant by emphasizing that she “cannot give up this platform to promote complacency and peace when there is a war on my body and a war on my right. A war on the rights of your mothers, a war on the rights of your sisters, a war on the rights of your daughters. We cannot stay silent.” Really??

Who could forget about Amy Siskind and her loud mouth, she had this to say about the “hero”: