Fox Business’s Charles Payne TORCHES Biden: He ‘Despises Half of the United States’

January 24th, 2024 1:06 PM

Fox Business host Charles Payne called out President Joe Biden’s and the media’s contempt for Trump supporters during New Hampshire primary election coverage.

During Fox News’ Jan. 23 coverage of the New Hampshire presidential primaries, Fox News anchor Bret Baier asked Payne about comments by Democratic presidential candidate Dean Phillips. "'It's just strange they're talking about a group of voters like that,'" Baier said, paraphrasing Phillips on how “‘Democrats demean MAGA voters.’” Payne agreed with these comments, blasting President Joe Biden: “The President of the United States despises half of the United States!”

“Biden's anger and vitriol and hatred for ‘MAGA’ is far–worse than President Trump's individual battles with someone who crosses him. That is something that is really detrimental to this country, that the President of the United States despises half of the United States,” a fired-up Payne said, before highlighting countless statements of Biden’s “hatred” towards Trump supporters on Google.   

Payne added: 

“The bottom line is [Biden] says it. He has vitriol for them and so does MSNBC, and so does CNN and so does The New York Times. They have vitriol for half of the nation. They don’t look at them as fellow Americans and it’s unfortunate. They try to paint them as ‘racists.’ All the things that they did to fellow Americans who simply want a safe home, a safe community for their children and prosperity. They want the same thing, but they demean them all the time.”

Payne went on to thank Phillips for refusing to take this media demonization for granted. “I think that's why I think Phillips is so intriguing, because he went to a rally to find out for himself. And guess what? Golly, these are some pretty cool people. They are just like us.” 

Phillips brought this message directly to CNN on the morning of Jan. 23.  Phillips told the hosts of CNN This Morning about his experience at a Trump rally: 

“I went to a Donald Trump rally a couple of nights ago, never been to one. I had an event across the street. I saw the line of people waiting in the cold for hours and I thought ‘What the heck? I'm going to be a leader who actually invites people, doesn't condemn them’, met probably 50 Trump people waiting in line, every single one of them, thoughtful, hospitable, friendly. All of them so frustrated that they feel nobody is listening to them but Donald Trump. A diverse crowd, people who had never been to a Trump event before. My party is completely delusional right now.”

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