WATCH: Charles Payne REBUKES Media for Censoring Trump

January 17th, 2024 1:21 PM

Fox Business host Charles Payne bodied MSNBC host Rachel Maddow and legacy media setting themselves up as the gatekeepers of facts.

After playing a sanctimonious lecture by Maddow on why the media refuses to give Trump “an unfiltered live platform,” Payne derided this strategy as both wrong and ineffective on the Jan. 16 edition of Making Money with Charles Payne. Payne said, “No one ever gave them the job of deciding what was true or false.” 

Earlier this week, both MSNBC and CNN opted to silence former President Donald Trump during his victory speech following the Republican Iowa caucuses. CNN Anchor Jake Tapper opted to censor Trump at the first mention of immigration. Notably, Tapper has been known to freak out when Trump is given a chance to speak uninterrupted or portrayed in a positive light

On MSNBC, Maddow’s explanation of her network’s decision to silence a president upset Payne. Maddow told MSNBC’s viewers, “There is a reason that we and other news organizations have generally stopped giving an unfiltered, live platform to remarks by former President Trump. It is not out of spite; it is not a decision that we relish; it is a decision that we regularly revisit. And, honestly, earnestly, it is not an easy decision.”

While Maddow struggled to get these phrases out without laughing, Payne was not amused.

Payne dove into the historical power of the press as “the fourth estate” and its corruption in the present. Payne added, “In recent years, the fourth estate has become honorary, has become contemptuous. The avalanche of negative headlines in stories, folks, are mindboggling. And here’s the weird thing about it, the irony about it… All this negativity has created a public that news organizations say they now decry.”

It’s not a huge surprise that the public, who the media seem to loathe, would loathe the media back.

Payne concluded by mocking the media’s failed attempt to silence the front-runner for the GOP presidential nomination. “The Media should push back when they have to to protect the audience, but this is something entirely different what we’re watching. When you don’t allow someone with power and influence to speak on your platform, you actually give them a louder voice and you give other platforms more importance. Let the people hear, let the people decide,” Payne said.

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