WATCH: MRC VP Dan Schneider Blasts George Soros’ ‘Evil’ Pro-Hamas ‘Empire’

October 20th, 2023 11:39 AM

MRC Business Vice President Dan Schneider ripped George and Alex Soros for financing groups that have voiced support for the terrorist group Hamas. 

During an interview with One America News that aired on October 19, Schneider told host Dan Baldwin that the Soros family has consistently stood against the Jewish state of Israel. “George Soros and now his son Alex — who has taken over the evil empire — have defined the enemy and the enemy is Israel.  They have, in word and deed, they have consistently supported Hamas and Hezbollah against the Jewish state.  And I know that they claim to be Jewish, but their actions reject the whole idea of a Jewish state,”  Schneider said.

In an open letter to George and Alex Soros, Schneider and MRC President Brent Bozell criticized them for funding at least seven pro-Hamas groups with at least $5,808,457 in funding. One of the groups that MRC originally exposed, Al-Shabaka, released a statement following the barbaric terrorist attacks on Israel Oct. 7 expressing solidarity with Hamas. Soros had funneled at least $550,000 into the group between 2017 and 2021 alone. 

When Baldwin referenced this letter, Schneider broke down Soros’ donations and past statements advocating for Hamas. “George Soros has intentionally and knowingly given money to groups like [Al-Shabaka]. In 2007 he actually called, demanded that Hamas have a seat at the table when negotiating with Israel and the U.S.”

Schneider was referring to a 2007 op-ed by George Soros, where the leftist billionaire ludicrously advocates for the United States and Israel to “open the door” to Hamas in negotiations. The MRC was the first to resurface that horrific op-ed buried in Soros’ archives. Schneider said Soros “not only funds groups that are pro-Hamas and connected to Hamas, he has advocated for Hamas to be a participant in the negotiations. Of course, Hamas is a terrorist organization, it has been very clear that it will not be happy until it has pushed Israel off the map, until what we now know as the state of Israel, it would be an Islamic state.” 

But Soros’ pro-Hamas radicalism isn’t the only area where the leftist billionaire has sought to negatively impact with his ungodly fortune. In fact, as Schneider pointed out, Soros’ “radicalism has been backed by $32 billion in donations over the years to radical left wing causes, causes that upend the very society we enjoy, and then his work is international. He is in almost every country with the same kind of radicalizing message.  Whether it's transgender issues or whether it is pro-Hamas issues, on and on and on, he despises traditional values, he despises democracy as we understand it.” The Capital Research Center (CRC) estimated that Soros had spewed nearly $21 billion since 2000 trying to influence global politics with his leftist, anti-American agenda. CRC said this made Soros “perhaps the biggest ATM for leftist political causes in the world.”

Ultimately, Schneider argued that Soros’ Open Society Foundation (OSF) should be investigated by the IRS to discover if the OSF is in compliance with its mission. Schneider warned the OS: “I can promise you that supporting terrorists and supporting terrorism is inconsistent with what the IRS would permit.  It's against U.S. law.  If George and Alex Soros cannot come into compliance with the law then the Open society Foundations should have their doors shut.”

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