WATCH: Matt Walsh Takes a Sledgehammer to Woke North Face

October 6th, 2023 5:00 PM

Daily Wire host Matt Walsh called out The North Face for allegedly assisting a deranged brand ambassador in getting a man fired from his job. 

Walsh referenced a defamation lawsuit filed by America First Legal on behalf of John Talbot — a former research product manager at apparel company Outdoor Research — against The North Face on the Oct. 4th edition of The Matt Walsh Show. Talbot was fired from his company amidst a pressure campaign led by leftist activists from The North Face clothing brand after “falsely” being accused of making a racist comment, per the lawsuit. Specifically, Walsh blasted Manoah Ainuu, North Face's brand ambassador, and Dave Burleson, a North Face athlete coordinator, for igniting yet another cancel culture mob. “It’s just an incitement to harass some random guy,” Walsh said. Walsh also drew attention to both The North Face and Outdoor Research companies, sarcastically asking how they ought to have responded to Ainuu’s rambling accusatory video “What do you do when you’re confronted with a rambling video like this which doesn’t even come close to making any kind of substantive accusation at all, Walsh said. ” 

AFL stated that “Ainuu later admitted to Mr. Talbot’s employer that he did not say anything racist or offensive. Meanwhile, Ainuu has continued to operate as a paid climber and brand ambassador for The North Face.” 

Walsh’s criticism did not stop there, asking, “Do you fire this brand ambassador immediately? Tell all your other brand ambassadors to stop uploading unhinged videos at 3 in the morning? Do you feel shame that you’ve invested $7 million in hiring brand ambassadors who are apparently delusional and unstable? Or for some reason, do you do as you’re told and try to ‘exterminate’ this white dude.” Walsh also went on to detail how The North Face joined their brand ambassador in calling for Talbot to be punished.

Walsh quoted Burleson’s ridiculous virtue-signaling response in support of Ainuu, saying that Burleson, “publicly called on John’s employer to punish him:‘Outdoor Research, please hold your employee, John, who is in Bozeman right now accountable, to the racists in the outdoor industry, we will find you, and we will remove you.’” Walsh adds, “Its like George Bush standing on top of the rubble after 9/11 with a megaphone promising to hunt down Al Qaeda, except in this case they’re hunting down random white people who have socially awkward encounters with black men at bars.” 

Earlier in the show, Walsh broke down the encounter and showed his viewers footage of Ainuu’s late night rant, while alluding to The North Face’s pride campaign

Ainuu has twice appeared in CNN stories, including a profile that provided him an opportunity to vent about “microaggressions” in his line of work like people noticing his hair and to say that living in a predominantly white area weighs heavily on him. He also appeared on NBC after climbing Mount Everest in 2022.

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