Former Jill Biden Press Sec in MSNBC Op-Ed: Joe Should ‘Stop Focusing on the Economy’

October 4th, 2023 11:49 AM

A man once responsible for representing Jill Biden to the public has an unusual message to the Biden administration: stop trying to sell the losing message of Bidenomics to a hurting country. 

Michael LaRosa, former Press Secretary to First Lady Jill Biden (M.D.) penned an op-ed for MSNBC on Oct. 1st with a blunt headline: “Biden should stop focusing on the economy.” Although LaRosa devotes the first paragraph of his article to absurdly spinning “Bidenomics” as a success, he mourned that Biden’s message was not resonating with Americans.

LaRosa wrote, “Part of the problem with the president boasting of ‘Bidenomics’ is that the economy has not fully recovered and still remains uncertain, making the celebration of ‘Bidenomics’ the political equivalent to claiming ‘Mission Accomplished.’ That’s a mistake we in the Biden White House made in July 2021 when we proclaimed ‘America is back,’ before reinstituting mask mandates when two new Covid variants emerged.” LaRosa clearly does not believe that the Biden economy is a winning 2024 message. 

LaRosa mostly blamed voters rather than Biden for the failure of Bidenomics. LaRosa effectively took a page from the condescending “Bidenomics” apologists at CNN and implied that those pesky Americans struggling to make ends meet simply do not know how good they have it. He also argued that Biden should spend less time trying to convince them since the endeavor would be a lost cause. Larosa wrote, “If Biden isn’t getting credit for how he’s improved the economy by now, then he won’t get such credit anytime soon.”

LaRosa told Bide to abandon “champion[ing] statistics” and “investments.” Instead, LaRosa advised Biden to go on the political offensive against Republicans such as Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL), who dared to compel Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) to hold votes on military nominations one-by-one. LaRosa also ludicrously suggested that Biden’s team had not devoted enough energy to attacking Republicans over Russia and Ukraine. LaRosa added, “[Biden’s campaign] should have pointed out that the party of Reagan has softened on Russia and on protecting democracy and allies like Ukraine,” claiming this was somehow the “perfect message.” 

At the end of his article, LaRosa heaped praise on the president and once again blamed voters for not being able to appreciate him properly, “Given Biden’s first-term success, there’s no explanation other than political tribalism for polls consistently finding him tied with Trump. The president’s effectiveness and his historic accomplishments are not enough to outweigh the more provocative and superficial image-related issues that resonate with voters.”

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