CNN Cites ‘Digital Brownshirts’ Pressuring Google to Censor Pro-Life Centers

June 21st, 2023 1:19 PM

CNN got around to criticizing Big Tech, but only for the purpose of shaming Google for running pro-life crisis pregnancy centers ads.

CNN cited the leftist group Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) in an June 15 article criticizing Google for earning “more than $10 million over the past two years by allowing misleading advertisements for ‘fake’ abortion clinics.” In other words, abortion-obsessed CNN and the CCDH apparently couldn’t stand the fact that anti-free speech Google dared to allow crisis pregnancy centers to advertise online. The CCDH report went even further, calling crisis pregnancy centers “fake reproductive health clinics” and referring to abortion mills as “genuine clinics.” The group also linked to an earlier pressure campaign against Google and cited the abortion lobbying group NARAL when it bashed crisis pregnancy centers and claimed they were “exploiting the lack of regulation.” 

Throughout the piece, CNN writer Jennifer Korn complained that crisis pregnancy centers, or “fake clinics” as she calls them, appeared in searches for abortion mills. Lest any mothers be helped or babies be saved, Korn breathlessly warned readers. “Using Semrush, an analytics tool, researchers at the CCDH identified ‘188 fake clinic websites’ that placed ads on Google between March, 2021 and February of this year. CCDH estimates that ads for fake clinics were clicked on by users 13 million times during this period.” 

In response, the CCDH made two absurd recommendations, that crisis pregnancy centers should be forced to devote ad space to abortion disclaimers rather than pitching their services and that Google should highlight and prioritize genuine abortion clinics in search results.” In fact, Google did just that this past January when it prioritized Planned Parenthood in search results for the word pregnancy the day before the March for Life.  

The CCDH is eager to censor crisis pregnancy center ads, with the help of its collaborators at CNN, Bloomberg, Vice and elsewhere. CCDH CEO Imran Ahmed has pushed censorship in the United Kingdom and the group has repeatedly sought to pressure Twitter owner Elon Musk to crack down on free speech and suppress social conservatives. It even devoted a page of its website to whining about how the “Libs of Tik Tok” has grown since Musk took over, apparently calling for censorship or shadowbanning. In the past, the CCDH has aggressively sought to censor organizations that don't buy into climate catastrophe propaganda (such as the Media Research Center,) and called for platforms to demonetize and label content and bar these opposing groups from advertising. 

These smears from CNN and CCDH also come after many crisis pregnancy centers throughout the United States have been attacked with arson, vandalism, and threats. At least eighty-seven crisis pregnancy centers and pro-life organizations have been targeted in this way, according to Catholic Vote. 

What sort of clinics are CNN and CCDH collaborating to smear? One of the crisis pregnancy centers cited in the CCDH report, Obria Medical Clinics, offers pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, counseling, STD and AIDs testing, health education coaching, health resources and support, referrals, and prenatal care among other services. Another cited crisis pregnancy center, Alpha Pregnancy Center, offers similar services as well as adoption referrals, supplies for mothers and infants, and parenting education. These organizations and others like them offer alternatives to abortion to pregnant women and critical care and counseling, often supplied by volunteers and donated materials.  

Conservatives are under attack! Contact CNN at 404-827-1500 and demand it stop pushing CCDH’s radical censorship agenda.