Too Hot to Handle: CNN’s Bill Weir Claims ‘Time Bomb Is Ticking’ on Global Warming

March 22nd, 2023 11:05 AM

Gone are the days of “climate alarmism,” CNN chief climate correspondent Bill Weir said. But unfortunately, he hasn't come to his senses. He's doubling down on the latest UN doom-and-gloom climate report. 

“There’s no such thing as climate alarmism anymore," Weir said on CNN Newsroom Monday. "The time bomb is ticking, but we have the guide on how to defuse the bomb right in our hands.”  Weir's comments responded to the newest UN climate report which predicted apocalyptic temperatures by the 2030s unless extreme climate control measures curb the alleged trend. 

His solution to save the planet? Top down government control.

“It's all about political will,” said Weir.



“But let me explain the context here. Every year, thousands of peer reviewed papers around the world look at the ice, or the clouds, or the penguins, or every little aspect of our changing planet. The IPCC (United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), these are scientists from 195 countries, have to synthesize all that information, their governments have to approve the language and then they put this report together and give it to lawmakers in time for this next COP that's coming up in – in the United Arab Emirates.” 

To make matters worse, Weir claimed “we’ve pretty much run out of time in order to keep (temperature increases) at 1.5 – that’s where the tipping point might start there.” 

An earlier IPCC report claimed that failing to limit warming increases to 1.5 degrees Celsius would bring “widespread devastation and extreme weather.”

Weir then admitted why it might be unfeasible to get the entire world on board with extreme climate measures. He pointed out that Russia and China appear unwilling to jump on the green bandwagon and even highlighted President Biden’s hypocritical Willow oil drilling project in Alaska – a Trump era initiative that resulted in eco activist protests. 

He further blamed oil companies for the planet’s impending doom.

“Oil companies are still the richest companies in the world, and as long as that happens it feels like we’re ignoring what is being told to us by our scientists.” 

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